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Weight loss – There are thousand articles on how to lose weight, there are thousand medicines to cut the fat, there are thousand specialists who give their expert advices on the issue but there is too much scarcity of those who would tell a medium that is inspired only by natural elements. Most of the people do not care about the after effects of a treatment. They just want results. And it is the most stupid approach to deal with an issue. Being fat not only affects your personality, it also invites many major and serious health issues. The god thing is, we not only point out the right points but also point out the right solutions.

13 Home Remedies for Weight Loss Fast at Home

13 Home Remedies for Weight Loss Fast at Home

Obesity is a burning concern nowadays. Almost 2.1 billion people from all over the world that are equal to the 30% of world’s population are obesityeither overweight or obese (These numbers are from 188 countries).

There are lots of pills, exercise, equipment and techniques are prevailing in the market for weight loss and home remedies are one of them.

There are lots of home remedies for weight loss out there but before heading over to the home remedies let’s take a sneak peak at the obesity problem in India.

India is also on the way of America and other developed countries. According to the latest survey, India is at the third position just behind the America and China who have most obese people.

A new study shows that women are a bit ahead of men in India. According to the British medical journal 2014, there was 9.8 million male and 20 million female are obese in India.

Back in 1975, India was at 19th positions in the global rank got a big boom and hit in the top ten list in 2014.

Ok, let’s talk about obesity and overweight,

What is obesity

Obesity can be defined as a situation people lost the control of their weight. Fats start accumulating excessively in their belly and other body parts that grow rapidly. It’s a negative sign for health and proper action should be taken to protect the obesity.

According to the WHO report for adults, BMI greater of equal to the 25 are considered overweight and more than that are considering as obesity. Here is screenshot from WHO-who report on obesity

According to 2014, almost 13% of world’s populations were either overweight or obsessed (15% male and 11% female). It’s been 3 years of these statistics and now in 2017, these statistics are changed.

We don’t know the exact percentage of he/she and we have to wait for the upcoming survey to figure out but certainly, these numbers will be increased.

Ok, before diving deeper into the stats let’s know about the causes and how to cure them.

People weight is determined by a number of calories he/she intake and energy burns. When people start taking more calories and burn half or less than that of them the rest half calories are stored in the form of fat and cause obesity.

The same is going on in the present time. There are varieties of foods available out there that was not ever been. People love to eat them frequently but because of their busy schedule and lifestyle have not enough time to spend in the gym and other activities to burn the calories.

There are several causes that lead to obesity. Let’s check one by one-

Causes of Obesity

There is usually not a single factor responsible for obesity. Multiple causes interact and contribute to obesity. In this post I’ve included 3 major causes of obesity. Let’s check one by one-causes of obesity



It inherits from parents. Those people whose parents or one of them obese are most likely to suffer from obesity. It also affects leptin hormone that is responsible for obesity. Leptin is a hormone that originates in placenta fat cells.

It worked by signaling the brain to take less diet when the amount of the fat is too much. But whenever our body stops producing required leptin to control body weight, our brain stops getting a signal and we eat more that cause obesity.


There are several occasions when we eat more than required that leads to obesity. For example, fast, fried foods and sweets are rich in fat and cause obesity often.

It’s the biggest cause of obesity in modern days. People used to eat such foods than healthy foods. Availability of these foods makes people eat frequently. Teenagers and kids are more likely to stick of edacity and getting obese rampantly.

So, if you don’t want to get obese if you are not already, just leave it and focus on healthy foods.

“Fast foods are enjoyment and healthy foods are life. Let the sit away from you!”

Physical Activity

If you are belonging from middle or upper-class family and there is no Race-rug in your life, not doing enough exercises to burn required energies definitely you will get obese.

Mostly, it gets to see in the urban areas, where most families are living up the poverty line and busy in their business, job etc.

When we do physical activities it may be exercise, yoga, jogging, cycling etc, our body burns energies and make our body muscular and mentally fit.

So, if you are obese, you should do physical activities to maintain the balance. You can see that, employees who are working in an office in front of a computer screen are most likely to get obese because they have to sit on a chair constantly at least 8 or more hours.

So, if you don’t want to be one of them do exercise regularly and participate in other physical activities too!

Above are the major causes of obesity, let’s talk about how to get rid of obesity.

Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss

Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Home remedies are great way for weight loss. It’s most trusted, easier,  safer and Resultant way of  weight loss. Let’s check out one b one-

home remedies for weight loss 1 home remedies for weight loss 2

1- Drink Green Tea

An easier and safe way for losing weight naturally. It’s a kind of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves contains Caffeine that increases the metabolic rate and helps to eliminate extra fats from the body parts.

Drinking green tea has also a possibility (in case it get fails to cut the fat) to decrease the one’s appetite so that people start eating less and in results, the obesity rate gets slow down.

Initially, it originates in china and thereafter spreads many countries of Asia. Now, it’s easily accessible from all over the world. In India, you can buy from market or order from online stores.

The positive thing with green tea is, you don’t have waste hours like exercise and other physical activities. Just a few abstinences and consciousness are enough to eliminate kilos from your body.

Drinking four or more glasses of green tea on daily basis would be the great diet to start with.

  1. Drink Lemon Water

Before digging deeper into how lemon water is helpful for weight loss, let’s talk a little about what lemon water is.

Simply, it’s a mix of lemon juice and water. It served hot and cold all depend on one’s preferences.

As you all aware of water’s benefits, drinking water has a great impact on weight loss. It boosts a number of calories you burn.

It says that drinking water before the food could reduce one’s appetite. And it seems true but only in mid-age and teenagers. It’s not true for kids and older people.

Drinking lemon water is superior home remedies to kill the obesity. It contains substances that are responsible for healthy digestion of meals we eat and picks nutrients that eliminate fats. It also kills the toxins that are responsible for slow metabolism rate.

According to a study published in Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition depicts that polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons that exclusively eliminate fats caused by a diet rich in fat in mice.

Another benefit of lemon is it’s a rich source of vitamin-C and improves the quality of skins.

How to prepare lemon water

  • 1-    Wringing out juice of a lemon in a glass of water, add one teaspoon of honey            and one and a half teaspoon of black peeper power and shake it.
  • 2-    Drink it twice in a day.
  • 3-    Continue it at least 3 months to see the significant impact on weight loss.

If you don’t want to add other ingredients, you can simply wring out lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it.

  1. Drink Fennel Seed Water

It’s a leading Indian home remedy for weight loss. This beverage is just a mix of water infused with fennel seeds. It may be through soaking it overnight in cool water or immersing them into hot water.

When it comes to weight loss, Fennel seed has a slight impact on weight loss. Fennel seeds are loaded with several nutrients that are responsible for managing metabolism rate and have other health benefits too.

The best thing is fennel seeds are easily available in India and the cool fact is it leaves a sweet freshness in your mouth.

There are two ways you can prepare fennel seed water.

  1. Soaking it overnight in cool water: it’s most preferred method because of its simplicity. You only have to take 2 tablespoons of fennel seeds and a litter of water. Put the seeds into the water and forget for till the next morning.

Initially, seeds will be swim but till the morning they will be drowned in the water. Filter out the seeds from the water and drink it as per your ease.

  1. Boiling the seeds into hot water: another method to prepare fennel seed water. Take a litter of water and put the 2 tablespoons of seeds into it. Boil it until the water starts bubbling. Take off the kettle and allow it to cool to normal temperature.  Filter the out the seeds and now your fennel seed water is ready. Drink it throughout the day.
  2. Aloe Vera

Have you heard about aloe Vera? If so, you know how much Aloe Vera is useful for enhancing the one’s beauty.

But, did you ever heard about Aloe Vera have a weight loss benefit too? Yes, it also has a significant impact on weight loss.

It loaded with natural anti-oxidants that cut down the extra fats in the body (Free radicals are caused by pesticides, alcohol, tobacco smoke, fried foods, and pollutant air and could harm living cells and tissues). It also increases the metabolism rate and decreases the BMI by shifting carbohydrate and fat into energy.

It also emphasizes the creation of collagen (it’s a kind of protein in our body that boosts muscle development). It stimulates our body to exceedingly spend energy to digest the protein, collagen, and energy consumption assists you to cut some extra kilos from your body.

How Does Aloe Vera Aid in Weight Loss

There are several ways Aloe Vera could Aid in weight loss. Let’s check one by one-

Aloe Vera & Fruit Juice:  Find the Aloe Vera leaf, turn out the gel from it and mix it with your choice of fruit juice and drink it.

Aloe Vera Juice with Lemon: Get the leaf of Aloe Vera, water, and a lemon. Get out of Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice and mix them with a glass of water, a sweetener of your choice and drink after shaking 2 to 3 minutes.

Aloe Vera & Honey: Another way to use Aloe Vera gel for weight loss. Take a tablespoon of honey and melt it with gel. Shake nicely and drink it.

Rather than squeeze out the gel, you can directly purchase Aloe Vera capsule from market and use as per recommend by the doctors.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s a kind of liquid solution made from cider or apple after a step by step process and adding some other elements. Here is how it looks like.

Apple Cider Vinegar helps you to lose weight by lowering the blood sugar and insulin levels. Yes, it makes sense because after taking it people feel fullness and eat 200 to 275 fewer calories in the rest hours. It also helps to digest the foods and kill bacteria’s to make us healthy.

It has been proven in several studies that Vinegar boosts one’s satiety and actually helps to weight loose. But, it does not mean adding or eliminating a single ingredients or food has a big impact o weight loss. To do that, you have to create a diet chart and list those foods that help to weight loss, choose exercises that actually lose weight and eliminate junk foods and other activities that lead to obesity.

At the end, it seems that Apple Cider Vinegar has a slight impact on weight loss. 1 to 2 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar will enough to start with.

  1. Yoga Exercise for Weight loss

Yoga exercises are a great way for weight loss. There are lots of yoga exercises in trend, select those that help to weight loss and go on at least 2 to 3 months to see the significant impact on your weight. You can also give a try to Baba Ramdev yoga for weight loss. He has told us about several yoga exercises to do to be healthy and fit like him.

So, just pick your notepad and pen and note down yoga exercises that help to lose weight and follow them regularly to see the significant impact.  The warrior pose or Veerabhadrasana, Surya Namaskar, Upward plank or Purvottanasana, The boat pose and Triangular pose or Trikonasana are the best yoga exercises for weight loss to start with.

  1. Tomato for Weight Loss

Vegetables are always a great source of nutrients and vitamins, but have you heard about tomato could help you to lose weight?

Yes, you read it right. It reduces inflammation and water retention in the human body and also moves backward the leptin (it’s a kind of protein that helps to regulate the metabolism rate and appetite) resistance that helps to weight loss.

So, if you are planning for weight loss and creating a diet chart, give it a room too. It’s a great home remedy for weight loss.

You can use it many different ways as per your ease, for example, raw, processed or tomato juice.

  1. Cabbage

Cabbage is a good idea to include in your diet if you want to boost your weight loss process. You can take it in both manners, as cooked or as a salad. This vegetable has the properties that other don’t. Cabbage is rich in water and fiber which gives the body its working energy but low in calories. It contains vitamin C but prevents the sugar and carbohydrates from turning into fat. Thus, the cabbage provides a good option to have your meal without risking your weight loss commitment.

  1. Honey and Cinnamon

You know what honey is. Cinnamon might be a new name for some so for their knowledge, it is used to make tea. Cinnamon is found to be highly useful in eliminating stored fat and thus it is on our list. It fights with insulin resistance which results in the reduction of overeating habit and treats oxidative stress connected with metabolic syndrome.

What benefits you can get from taking these foods. These will detoxify your body, increase your energy levels and boosts metabolic rate which is important for weight loss.

The method of taking the Cinnamon honey tea is very easy.

Pour a cup of hot water on cinnamon powder or stick and leave it for half an hour.

Then add one teaspoon of natural honey in it.

Filter it and drink half of the mixture in the morning before breakfast, and the rest of it in the night before going to bed.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is a kind of herb which has multiple benefits on the body. It is even recommended for cancer patients to get rid of fatigue caused by chemotherapy. Ginseng is a type of fleshy roots in anyone of 11 perennial plants that belongs to genus Panax. There are many types of ginseng found in the market but the most beneficial and authentic are American Ginseng and Asian Ginseng.

Ginseng not only works to improve the sluggish metabolism but also works to boost energy and increase mental alertness. This herb works even when the user does not go for much physical activity and exercises.

How to use Ginseng?

Take one teaspoon of chopped American or Asian ginseng and steep it in boiled water for 5-10 minutes. Then strain the mixture, and add lemon or honey as per your taste and drink it 2 times daily.

  1. Just drink more water

It is very important and very helpful if you want to lose weight fast. The water gives you working energy, refreshment, removes bad elements from blood, and regulates metabolism. Drinking extra water daily helps burn calories faster and prevents the body from burning extra fat storage. Also, it helps in other ways to body to work actively which includes the usage of stored body energy.

  1. Coconut oil

If you are serious about losing weight then start using coconut oil from today. The coconut oil is a very good fat resource but it does not add any amount to the body. The fat obtained from the coconut oil can be used only as a body energy source. It is because the coconut oil provides MCT fat which is medium chain triglycerides. It helps to use energy more efficiently.

So instead of using other oils and fatty substances, use coconut oil to make the food. Besides you can also take one teaspoon of oil every day for better weight losing approach.

  1. Take food slowly and regularly

It is of utmost importance if you are a fast finisher at the table. It is directly related to your body functionality. Just by keeping an eye on your food intake speed, you can change the way your body reacts to the food.

To clear this point, try to understand the simple process. When you are hungry and you start eating food swiftly, you eat much greater amount than usual. It is obvious. But if you control your senses after two or three bites and take your food a bit slowly after proper chewing, then the amount of food intake becomes smaller but still, you will feel satisfied.

Inside the body, when you take food swiftly, the metabolism suddenly starts working slowly due to excess pressure which in turn triggers the slow body activity. This is also the reason why after taking heavy food, people start feeling sleepy. Thus, slow metabolism invites the fat storage and clogging which is not good in any way for weight losing enthusiast.

If you want to lose weight then eat slowly, your hunger will be satisfied and also you will get the proper energy. Just the excess amount of food will not be stored in your body.


Overweight and obesity are major problem of modern teenagers nowadays.  It’s not only demolish one’s appearance and personality but also impact on performance and overall health too!

Being an overweight or obese is a feel like being a handicap where you want to do many things but you cannot.

Well the positive thing is, it’s not forever. You can overcome on overweight or obesity. It’s only needed right approach, consistency and will power to tackle the problem.

In this post, we have mentioned 13 home remedies for weigh loss. You can select as per your ease that fit in your weight loss program and continue at least 2 to 3 months to see the significant results.

Do we have missed something?

What is your secret for weight loss?

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss -Weight Loss Supplement

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss -Weight Loss Supplement

fat cutterDid you just thought for weight loss ? think asap…

Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss are for those people who are looking a safe and soothing treatment option. Weight loss is a like a climb on the mountain with no proper medium to do that. You just go forward expecting for the next stable stand.

But does that make sense. If you have to prepare yourself for marriage in next three months, if you are going to set the target to become fit in next 2 months, if you want to make yourself fit for the upcoming summer, then will you rely on a uncertain and irregular way of cutting your necessary diet and working more then what your body allows. Would it help you to cut weight? Even if you get success in doing so, would you be able to retain the charm and energy necessary for your personality?

Generally, weight loss is nothing more than reducing the stored fat and inactive energy cells. So if you do it without proper guidance, there come some irregularities like loss of energy, fatigue, dark circles under eyes, loose and dull skin, loss of appetite, and poor nourishment of body. So to help you in this situation and bring you out from all these obstacles, we offer a very safe and trusted, result oriented medicine for weight loss and related home remedies.

Ayurveda – A gift of nature to humanity

ayurvedic medicine for weight loss

Nature, the very element of our existence, is also the very element to keep us safe. For thousands of years, Ayurveda has nourished and supplemented the human species. The precious and rare herbs that were plucked from plants and trees, were put to use to fill the deficiency and heal the body. That was enough when the issues and human requirements were not that high. With the passing of time, humans discovered new ways of treatment which were quick, easily available and highly result oriented.

These artificial methods, obviously came with the risks of side effects, but progression and innovation never stops. And gradually, Doctors and patients started feeling the need of a safer and deep benefitting treatment method. Thus, the ancient natural method took the form of new, improved, researched and tested, full-fledged treatment. Presently, it is known from many names like Ayurveda, Natural, Herbal etc. The sources of all these medicines are the natural herbs and similar elements.

The ayurvedic treatment is the treatment from nature. It works in the most soothing and safe manner. The herbs work on the body to heal and energize the body. In this way, it only enhances the body capacity to stand against the issue. Though the process takes time, it brings the benefits that are the real motive of medication. The natural medicines not only remove the issue, it also prevents the recurring nature.

These ayurvedic weight loss powder, medicines and herbs work to bring the body to tis normal body functionality. If you think or if you have been told that the body fat is only the reason of over eating and body inactiveness then you are half-informed. There are many factors that are the reason for the overweight of the body which are mentioned below. To deal with such causes, a proper and well-nourished treatment is very necessary that can work on various aspects to bring the most harmonious and all round impact for the overweight issue. For your ease of finding, that topic is covered later in the article.

Overweight and Obesity – Factors that are responsible for this:


Overweight and Obesity are two different terms. Overweight is a situation when a person`s BMI is more than 25 and less than 30. On the other hand, obesity is when a person`s BMI is more than 30. So far the factors are concerned, overeating and low body activity are the generally known reasons of overweight, there are other main reasons that work silently and significantly.

Slow metabolic rate – The very reason of your uncontrollable weight is your slow metabolic rate that is the main body function for energy management.

Poor digestion – The poor digestion leads to half-digested food that makes the layer of waste fat or useless fat on the body.

Long medical course – If you are on a long medical course for any issue, it can bring the body irregularity, hyper process activity and slow metabolism that further results in fat accumulation. These types of fat are not healthy or energy stored fat.

Genetics – With mind, face features and other similarities, you can also get the gift of obesity from your parents. IN this case, it is not necessary that you are over healthy, you might feel the continuous lack of energy in this case.

Eating habits – Repeated eating habits. Good for skinny people, bad for overweight people.

Less active daily routine – The 9 – 6 job can make you fat in personality, specially your belly fat.

Emotional disbalance – The problem that is mostly found in girls. A kind of syndrome that leads to overeating in case of emotional conditions.

Alcohol/ smoking – Not appreciated at all, in any case. One more reason to quit alcohol consumption and smoking is that it will make you fat and over show your belly.

Long gaps of food skip – Oh yes. If you think that skipping meal will bring down the over stocked weight then you are completely mistaken. Skipping meal adversely affects the metabolism and increases the fat.

Improper lifestyle – If your lifestyle is not disciplined then there are high chances that you will suffer from overweight issue. Fast food consumption, irregular eating time, lazy activities, careless attitude will take you to obesity.

Lack of sleep – The main factor for to keep your mind and body active is proper sleep. Take proper and timely sleep and see the unwanted things go away.

Pregnancy – The issue from which most women suffer. Pregnancy brings overweight and it is necessary but excess weight affects the health negatively.

Age – With age comes knowledge and maturity but it also brings excess weight.

Disadvantages of being fat: Why it is so necessary to burn the extra fat ??Disadvantages-of-being-fat

If you think that it is only your appearance that is affected due to extra kilos then my friend, you should read this carefully. The overweight is a bad sign of your body functionality and brings many serious issues with it.

Diabetes – The high blood sugar and unbalanced metabolic rate gives way to diabetes, which is one of most problematic diseases to live with.

High Blood pressure – An overweight person generally suffers from high blood pressure issue which means you cannot run fast, you can`t do excess work, you can`t live active life.

Sexual dysfunction – The very serious issue of sexual dysfunction can come in your life if you suffer from overweight or obesity. You will surely not want this. Overweight blocks and slows down the blood circulation to the sexual organ and creates major issues.

Heart issues – The fatal issue from which most people suffer. The heart issues like heart attack, blood clotting, slow heart rate, etc are some of the problems.

Asthma and breath shortness – Another major problem that obesity brings is shortness of breath and even the asthma as the air valves get narrowed due to fat and related elements.

Body inactivity/ Poor life quality – You fail to enjoy the life at its maximum be it dance, travel, play or any other activity. You always find yourself standing on the edge or getting tired too early.

Weak eyes sight – The weak eye sight is the case from which most overweight person suffer.

Stone problem – It is also seen that an obese person also becomes the victim of stone issue. It happens because body starts absorbing such elements in much greater quantity than required which forms the stone in body.

Depression and mental confliction – The reports of psychiatrists suggest that overweight person suffer from mental and emotional dis-balance more because they don’t live contained with their appearance and personality.

Poor body appearance – An overweight person cannot try every dress and does not look good in most situations.

This big list of disadvantages is not provided to discourage you rather it is to wake you up that the overweight is not only overweight. It is to encourage and inspire you to leave the laziness and careless attitude and make serious efforts to get rid of the overweight issue.

So far as the treatment is concerned, yes you can get the perfect figure and fitness if you follow the proper and disciplined path. Slowly it becomes you habit to stay fit.

Top-most Ayurvedic herbs that are found to be highly beneficial in weight loss-

When we talk about Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, it is of foremost importance to present the list of all those herbs which a person can avail from the market and use to get the help in the weight loss process. The body needs the help of supplements and necessary elements when a swift body change is made in appearance or capacity. Here is the list of all those herbs which are directly or indirectly helpful in curbing the excess fat of the body and in removing the negative effects of overweight.

Ginger – Ginger is a great herb to use in your daily life to help lose weight. It works to better the metabolic functionality, stimulates oxidation of fatty acids and lowers blood cholesterol levels. Take ginger everyday with an empty stomach to lose fat.ginger for weight loss

Aloevera – A very popular and widely available ayurvedic treatment for Obesity that works to bring many benefits to the human body. From skin to stomach, the herb has various benefits. It is used from ancient times. The medicine works as a digestive supplement that also stimulates the metabolism and soothes the nerves for better energy management.

Aloe-Vera for weight loss


Licorice – Licorice works in the liver and brings down triglyceride levels. The herb is very good in aiding the weight loss goal.Licorice-For-Weight-Loss

Brahmi – Brahmi works to soothing the nerves and maintains emotional balance. It is helpful for those who eat much in case of emotional disbalance.brahmi for weight loss

Triphala: Triphala is highly beneficial and widely known ayurvedic herb that helps to lose weight. It also helps in blood purification and in bringing the normality in the digestion function.

triphala for weight loss

Some Other Herbs are-

Cyperus rotundus: Cyperus rotundus or Nut grass works like a fat burner. The root of the medicine is used for the purpose.

Kotahla Himbutu: Salacia Reticulata, generally known as Kotahla Himbutu is one of the ayurvedic medicines used to control weight.

Nirmuli (Hygrophila Auriculata) – Generally known as Akash bail, the herb works to remove the abnormality of the stomach functions. It cuts the unnecessary fat and helps in the proper digestion.

Nerunjil (Tribulus Terrestris) : Nerunjil is the beneficiary herb for the removal of kidney stone and in eliminating of fat.

Kadukkai – Haritaki or generally known as Kadukkai is a very famous and highly beneficial ayurvedic herb that works on various aspects of human body. It works on all three doshas and bring them in aligned balance to balance the body functionality. The fat mainly acuumulated due to kaph dosh and the medicine ensures to remove the defect.

Sirukanpeelai – This medicine is beneficial to cure the diabetes in case your fat is due to the issue of diabetes. The medicine has to be taken with an empty stomach for a month daily in the morning for good result.

Seendi (Tinospora Cardifolia) – This ayurvedic herb has various impacts. It elements have anti-oxident effect. It increases and improves immune system for better energy management.

Trikadukam – The herb is good for liver, stomach and pancreas. It works to enhance the capacity and efficiency of these parts.

Guggul – Guggul is a beneficiary medicine for weight loss fast. It stimulates and increases the cholesterol level in the body.

Indian home remedies for weight loss fast:

How can we forget to mention some important India home remedies for weight loss that were a must know thing in our ancient civilization to cure small daily issues. Your grandmother or your mother knows them, and they really work, not quickly but soothingly. So, we also want you to know these things and remember the names so that whenever these things come in front of you, you know the benefits of these items in losing weight and so use them. Because, knowledge is power.Indian Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Let’s Know about them one by one,

  • Honey and Lemon – Mixture of both in one glass light warm water daily at night.
  • Cranberries – An antioxidant and source of vitamin C. Take juice.
  • Cabbage – Prevents sugar from converting into fat.
  • Yoga- No need to throw light upon it. Do yoga every day.
  • Water- Drink lots of water every day and stay away from excess weight.
  • Green Tea – A powerful antioxidant, burns stubborn fat.
  • Tomatoes- One or two tomatoes every day is very good unless you have stone problem.
  • Carrots – Delicious and very powerful vegetable. Increases blood, decreases fat.
  • Peach – Rich in energy, zero in fat,
  • Papaya – Good for digestion, good for energy source, reduces fat. Take in morning with an empty stomach.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Take one tea spoon mixed in one glass water everyday to lose weight.
  • Fennel Seeds – Sip a cup before having meal. It will curb your hunger.
  • Cucumber – Contains water and energy with no fat. A very good fat buster.
  • Bottle Gourd – Douse your hunger for hours, zero fat, lots of energy. Take as liquid or cook as food.

Hashmi Slime XL capsule – A perfect  medicine for weight loss

In case you need a supplement to deal with the issue more professionally and smartly, you can try this ayurvedic formula without any doubt. It is made to help you control all those factors and issues that come up due to overweight and due to which you become overweight. So, basically, it is the all-rounder treatment in ayurvedic methodology to bring you to the smarter side of you in a small amount of time without any rigorous efforts.

Hashmi Slime XL capsule has come up as the standard ayurvedic medicine for weight loss in India. The medicine is the researched and refined, balanced and powerful treatment that controls your weight and makes your body fit. The ideal natural medicine that works to reduce the extra kilos and maintains the body energy levels side by side. We never comment on the worthiness of other medicine due to the fair business policies, but provide some points that one should consider while opting for a treatment.

ayurvedic medicine for weight loss

When it comes to choose a medicine, take into account the following points 

  • Its Manufacturer and its existence in market
  • Method of treatment
  • Experience of the treatment provider
  • Market name and reviews of the medicine and the manufacturer
  • Risks of Side effects
  • Method of work of the medicine in the body
  • Benefits of the medicine
  • The time span of its impact
  • Subject Knowledge, technology used and resources
  • Results of the medicine
  • Price

When you compare any treatment and medicine on these parameters, you will filter yourself, the most trusted and most effective medicine. To make your work easy, we tell you the name of the medicine that qualifies all these parameters with ease and you will find it compelling and leading name in all the treatment methods.

Slime XL –  The genuine weight loss treatment is made by the age old pharmacy – Hashmi pharmacy. Hashmi Pharmacy is the well-known pharmacy for its natural medicines to treat all kind of male – female sexual issues. They are working since 1929. Yes, since 1929, the natural medicines producer is delivering the best and well- researched easy and safe treatments in the form of capsules. Owing to the rich experience, state of the art research lab, deep knowledge of natural method and use of pure natural herbs, the pharmacy has made a place so high in the Medical world that is not easy to reach.

We do not spend much on advertisements to cut the cost of our medicines. It also helps us to stay out of competition. We are driven by the idea of treating maximum number of people possible using the safest and soothing natural method of treatment rather than selling the record number of bottles.

Slime XL weight loss capsule helps you to reduce weight fast, easy and permanently. The medicine eliminates the fat, burns the inactive energy cells to release energy in the body, strengthens the digestion function to reduce the chances of undigested food fat storage, speeds up the metabolism rate for effective usage and management of body sugar and energy.

All these activities result in the effective and balanced weight loss and that too without any lack of energy. The glow on your face and activeness in your body does not fade and you achieve what you desire. When you take this medicine, you don’t have any need to follow dieting charts but we recommend you to do some but we recommend you to do some exercise everyday as it should a habitual part of your daily life. The capsule is made of ayurvedic herbs only. No chemicals or artificial ingredients. It keeps our medicine authentic, safe and near to nature`s blessings.

If you are looking for medicine for weight loss in hindi or in English, natural or ayurvedic, safe or economic, Slime XL capsule is the answer for you. Try it yourself and confirm our words.

For any feedback, query or comment or doubt, you are most welcome to mention here. We love it when our readers try to put their  thoughts into words and make our efforts an awarding activity.

Prescription note – Though all the above mentioned herbs and home remedies provided here are compiled as per the guidelines of Ayurvedic experts after proper research, but we suggest to take a detailed individual checkup and personal doctor advise before using these herbs as the ayurvedic herbs work differently for every individual as per his/her own body capacity and health conditions.

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