Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement – There is no denying in the fact that breasts are the natural ornament of women. It is the beauty that cannot be defined in words. Every woman, who owns a good shape, feels proud of it. It is the feel of feminism that cherishes her soul. The good shape and size is not only the symbol of beauty but also shows the healthy body development and good body functionality. Though the right growth of breasts depends upon various factors like genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle, clothing, and emotional balance, it can be achieved even after the age of puberty. We have crafted certain formulations that have the capacity to carve your figure once again and bring out the curvy and fuller look. Why go for artificial, painful and harmful surgery when you can find something that is close to nature. All natural supplements that are made with the experience of lifetime, researched and tested for their proven results and used to gain confidence by thousands of women all around the world.

21 Actionable Breast Enlargement Exercises to Increase Breast Size Naturally

21 Actionable Breast Enlargement Exercises to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Increase Breast SizeWhen it comes to breast enlargement, breast enlargement exercises are the best & safe way to increase breast size.

Breasts are always an important body figure concern for all the girls and women. Besides appearance and beauty concern, breast growth also tells about the health status of a female.

Those women who feel their breasts are a bit small than what it should had been, they can try these breast enlargement exercises that really works.

Exercise to increase breast size is a natural, safe and effective way to carve the curves and tone the shape. Not just the small breast size, these exercises to increase breast size fast and safe are also beneficial in lifting the breasts, minimizing the shagginess, giving the proper round shape and making you more youthful and appealing.

The list of best exercises to increase breast size:

1. Push Ups

Push ups is not a manly exercise. It is the exercise that works for the whole body, be it male or female. The direct impact of push ups comes on the chest and shoulders area. To do this exercise, lie down on the floor on your stomach and make a 90 degree angle with your arms in respect to body. You have to bear the load of body on your hands and shoulder to do this exercise perfectly. Lift your body in 180 degree alignment to the extent your arms get straight. Then come back in the previous position. Then lift the body up again. Repeat this position ten times initially to do the push ups exercise.

This exercise helps in building up the breasts shape and size while toning the breast tissues which help in removing the sagginess. It is one of the most beneficial and must do exercise in this list.

push up exercise to increase breast size



2. Alternating push ups

It is the upgraded version of push ups which you can do, once you come into habit of doing normal push ups. To do this exercise, you have to come in the same position as the normal push ups. Now do one push up and then in the raised position, lift the right hand off the ground and touch your left shoulder from this hand. Then do one more push up and lift the left hand off the ground this time. Now touch the right shoulder from this hand. One set of alternate push up done.

alternative push up to increase breast size

This workout is very helpful in increasing the shape, curves and round shape of the breasts and tones them for better breast appearance.

3. Wall push ups

Wall pushups play a crucial role when it comes to removing the breast sagginess and building the shape. This exercise is easy to do and very helpful. To do this exercise, you have to stand in front of a wall. Now, put both your palms on the wall. Your hands should make a 90 degree angle with the wall. Now lean forward towards the wall, putting the load on the hands and bend the hands while you lean more. Then come back in previous position. This is the one set of wall push ups. In other words, it is similar to push ups against the wall. Include 10 push ups of this in your list.

Wall push up to increase breast size

4. Elevated Push ups

This push ups in simple terms means lifting your body on your hands as much as possible.To do this push up, place your both arms on the floor and try to lift your legs while keeping the whole body load on the hands. Try to maintain this position for as long as possible. Then rest the legs on the floor again. Lift the body again.Elevated Push Ups to increase breast size

This exercise is a bit tough to do but helps a great deal in shaping and toning the breasts appearance.

5. Dumbbell Flys

A very easy and very helpful exercise to lift the breast shape and build up the breast size. This exercise is done using dumbbells. Take the light weight dumbbells and stretch your arms out in 180 degree position. Now move your hands like you are flying. The weight in your hands should be kept steadily without forcing yourself to repeat the step. This exercise also helps in deepening the cleavage.

Dumbbell Flys exercise to increase breast size


6. Chest Dips

Chest dips are necessary to strengthen your chest muscles and stretch them so that new tissues can be formed. Chest dips is also helpful in maintain your figure as it tones the chest and stomach area. You have to do 10 sets of chest dips at most. To do this exercise, you can use chairs or benches. Stand in the middle of both chairs, using your hands lift your body while your legs should be straight and touched to floor. Now slowly come down on your hands but don’t let your hips touch the floor and lift the body up on hands. One set done. Do all the 10 sets and then take 2 minutes rest.

chest dips exercise to increase breast size


7. Dumbbell Cross Punch

To do this exercise, assume as you are boxing, with the difference of dumbbells and straight hands. Pick up dumbbells in both hands, bend your knees a bit, keep your back and chest area straight, now bring both the hands forward in the direct alignment of your shoulders. Now you are ready to do this exercise. Slowly open up one arm forward, as if you are making one line of X. Your first punch of boxing. Do the same with other arm. One arm should be out at a time. Make ten sets of this exercise. This exercise is helpful in removing the unnecessary fat and sagginess of the breasts, and brings them closer while deepening the cleavage and giving the round shape.Dumbbell Cross Punch exercise to increase breast size

8. Dumbbell Chest press with rotation

Dumbbell chest press is helpful in broadening the breast area and making them bigger. This exercise should be in the list. To this exercise, lie down on the bench while your legs touch the floor and your lower back area is in the air, or take the edge of a chair as your support on the neck area and the rest of the body till knees in one alignment. You should have dumbbells in your hand while you get into this position. Now lift one dumbbell towards the sky, straighten your arm, stay in the same position for a second then come back in the previous position. Do the same with the other arm. Repeat 10 sets of this exercise initially.

 Dumbbell Chest press with rotation exercise to increase breast size

9. Chest Fly

This exercise in building up the chest muscles and is very helpful in toning and shaping the breasts in the right appearance. To this exercise, start with same position as in the chest press exercise. Now, lift your both hands up towards the sky. Then spread the both hands in opposite directions in the same stretched out state, and make a 180 degree line from both hands. Then again come back in previous position and touch both dumbbells while pointing towards the sky. One set done. Do 10 sets of this exercise.

Chest Fly exercise to increase breast size

10. Chest contractions

This is easy and very helpful exercise in building up the chest area. This exercise helps in carving out the breast area and also tones their shape. To do this exercise, pick up a good quality towel. Grab the both ends of the towel, stand while widening your feet in alignment of your shoulders width. Now raise your hands straight and forward making the 90 degree angle with your body. Pull the both sides of the towel in opposite directions using the force of chest muscles. Keep doing this for at least 2 minutes. Do this two times in one day and three times a week.Chest contractions exercise to increase breast size

11. Butterflies

This exercise works on the sidelines of the breasts. Carve them out and tones the sides of the breasts that gives them an appealing charm. To do this exercise, take one dumbbell in each hand. Stand straight and then bend your knees a bit. Now, lift both dumbbells outwards like a bird stretch out its wings to fly. Take the dumbbells up to shoulders height and then come back in the previous situation. Do 10-12 sets of this exercise initially.Butterflies exercise to increase breast size

12. Shoulder rounding

It increases muscles flexibility, stretches the chest muscles, and helps in building up the breasts area. To do this exercise, lie down on the floor and stretch out your hands in the direction of your hand while keeping the palms downwards. Now, slowly lift your hands, while squeezing the shoulder blades together and try to raise the hands as much as possible. The chest area should also be raised from the ground while lifting the hands. Then come back in previous position. One set done, 9 to go.shoulder rounding exercise to increase breast size

13. Around the Worlds

This exercise is very effective in removing the sagginess, toning the shaping and bringing up the both breasts together. This exercise should be the part of your daily breast enlargement exercises routine. To do this exercise, grab one dumbbell in both hands and stand straight while keeping a small distance between two legs as per comfort. Bend both the elbows a bit and now, lift both dumbbells above your head making the circular position in the opposite stretched out appearance. Come back in the previous position and one set is done. Do ten sets of this exercise. 10 to 15 sets are good twice in a week.Around the Worlds exercise to increase breast size

14. Plank Walk

The exercise is good in strengthening the chest and arms muscle. The exercise is mainly suggested to the swimmers but it is also very helpful for breast enlargement and breast toning. To do this exercise, come in the position as you are ready to do push ups. Now lift right hand and left leg simultaneously and try to balance the body on the rest. Come back in previous situation and do the same with the other hand and leg. When you have done both the steps, you are done with one set. Do ten sets of this exercise twice a week.Plank Walk exercise to increase breast size

15. Plank Reaches

Similar to plank walk, this exercise is supplement to the previous exercise. Do this exercise on alternate days when you are not doing plank walk. To do this exercise, start with the same push ups position. Now, stretch out one hand in front in the direct alignment of your body while keeping the other hand in the same position. Now do the same with the other hand. One set done. Do 10 sets of this exercise. These two exercises are very helpful in creating strong muscles in the chest area which is always a good thing for the beauty of your breasts.Plank Reaches exercise to increase breast size

16. Bench Press

One of very popular and very benefitting exercises to improve breast size. This exercise can be done using dumbbells or weight rods. To do this exercise, lie down on a bench, while keeping your feet on the ground and making a 90 degree angle with your body. Now, start the exercise by lifting both the dumbbells upward towards the sky. The slow the better in this exercise. Try to keep dumbbells up in this situation then return to the previous stage. One set done, 9 to go. Do this exercise thrice a week.

 Bench Press exercise to increase breast size

17. Yoga Exercises To Increase Breast Size

Yoga is helpful in everything. Literally, everything. These Yoga poses or Asanas are made in direct accordance with the body functional strategy. These asanas bring more than one benefit on the body. When it comes to breast enlargement, people think as to how to increase breast size by yoga because there is not much awareness about this subject. But now you will learn the most result oriented breast enlargement yoga poses. These yoga poses will help in building the fat and glandular tissues in the breasts while strengthening the muscles to support new cells formation and better breasts appearance. Include these four asanas in your daily exercise schedule or you can start only with these four Yoga poses alone.Yoga exercises to increase breast size

18. Bhujangasana

This yoga helps in strengthening the chest muscles and helps looking the breasts look bigger. This pose is also known as Cobra Pose. To do this Asana, lie down on the floor on your stomach. Make sure your legs and feet are as straight as possible. Now place your palms on the floor in the alignment of your shoulder. Your body should be in relax position. Now try to raise your chest area like a snake raise its head area above. In doing this, try not to use your hands except supporting the weight. The power use should be of the chest muscles. Try to remain in this situation for at least 20 seconds. Then return back in the previous situation. Repeat this procedure for two to three times.Bhujangasana exercise to increase breast size

19. Gomukhasana

Gomukhasana, a very beneficial yoga pose to uplift the breasts and build up the breasts shape. To do this yoga, take a seat in a half lotus pose and fully extend your legs. Now bend your left knee, and bring your left heel up toward your right hip. Then bend your right knee and use your hands to pull your right leg up and over your left thigh. Make sure that both your knees are aligned so that they almost sit on top of one another. Your feet should be facing away from each other in opposite directions. Now you are ready to do the asana. Bring your left arm over your shoulder and behind your back by bending it and the right arm beneath your shoulder and behind your back by bending it. Join your hands behind in the same position and stay in the same position for at least 20 seconds while keeping your back as straight as possible. After one step, repeat the same with the other hand. Do five sets of this pose.

Gomukhasana exercise to increase breast size

20. Ushtrasana

This is a very good yoga for woman in terms of strengthening the breasts tissues and supporting the back area. It is also known as Camel Pose. To do this, sit on the floor on your heels and keep your feet on the floor. Then slowly lean backward while keeping your upper body in one line. Go as backward as possible. You can take support of your hands while going back. Then stay in the same position and touch your heel with your hands. Use your legs and arms to support your body weight and try to stay as relaxed as you can while performing this stretch. This stretch should last for at least 20 seconds or for 5 long breaths. Come back slowly in previous position. This is one set. Do 5 sets daily.Ushtrasana exercise to increase breast size

21. Stabdhasana

This is the fourth Yoga pose that helps in building the breasts tissues and shape. To do this exercise, stand up straight with your knees in the similar distance of your shoulder length. Bend the elbows slightly and raise your arms up to the shoulders. Then spread the fingers. Now you are ready to do this asana. Imagine as there is a heavy object in front of you and you have to push it using your hands. Your eyes should be focused on in between both hands and then put your force on that imaginary object to push it. Keep doing this for 20-30 seconds. It is one step done. Repeat this step for four to five times patiently. Stabdhasana exercise to increase breast size

It is the complete list of exercise to enhance breast size with pictures so that there remains no chance of doubt. Now, all you have to do is prepare yourself to follow your exercise schedule with discipline and see your curves coming out. Your body, your efforts, your beauty. The more you will invest in your efforts, the more you will gain from these breast enlargement exercises. Pay attention, do not do all the exercise in one day, make a combination of alternate exercise every day and follow the chart. You surely will gain noticeable benefits.

In case of any doubt, or query, or feedback, you are welcome to comment below.

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally– The Ultimate Guide

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally– The Ultimate Guide

how to increase breast size

There  are many ways to increase breast size naturally at home.

However, most of them will leave you either unsatisfied or you have to put lot’s of efforts and wait for years to get the results.

If you haven’t enough patience or time, then it will lead you to give up your plan more quickly.

In this ultimate guide, you will learn:

  • How to increase breast size naturally.
  • Help you increase breast size quickly without wasting time.
  • Improve your overall health at the same time.

Let’s check one by one:

How to Increase Breast Size at Home 

It is the wish of every woman who possesses small breasts. What else would be more welcoming option than the one which can help in increasing the size without sparing money? So we have brought those alternatives that work to increase breast size naturally.

How to increase breast size by massage:

Massage is easy and basic method to boost the growth of breasts. When you massage your breasts, it not only work to increase size but also gives your breasts a firm and well defined shape.

There are various methods to massage your breasts out of which circular motion massage is the most complete method. In this, you use your both hands to massage your breasts by going with light hands from the armpit area to the center of the breasts area in the circular motion.

In this, you goes by touching the breasts lower line and then raising them up. Do this every day for 15-20 rounds thrice with a small interval. You can use flaxseed oil, fennel oil, olive oil or any good natural breast enlargement cream like Hashmi Big-B natural breast enlargement cream.breast enlargement massage

Kindly pay attention to not massage with rough hands or without oils/cream and do not create too much friction as it can cause irritation and redness on breasts.

Bottom Line : Breast massage is one of the best and fastest way to increase breast size as it directly works on the breasts and stimulates breast tissues and activate blood flow in pectoralis major muscle to get good shape. Grab a good oil or cream to massage with.

How to increase breast size by exercise:

There are various exercises for breast enlargement. But we have picked only the best and multiple impact oriented steps. If you want to drop the idea of breasts exercises, then remember that exercise is like the servicing and maintenance of the body machine.

So pick at least one exercise to start with. 

exercises for breast enlargement


Push-ups – Sorry, what? No. Push ups are not meant for men only. It is equally beneficial for women, not only for breasts, but for the whole body. The push ups bring the body in one length and synchronize it in terms of body activity and force application.

It incites the chest muscles for new growth, stretches tissues to expand and tightens the muscles for firm shape. Besides, it tones and uplifts the whole body. So 10-15 push ups daily would do much good. Start with as minimum number as you can do and increase gradually. Keep in mind that you are doing this to make yourself fit, healthy and curvaceous.

Wall Pushups – These are similar to pushups except the position of doing it. In wall pushups, you put your hands against the wall like you are leaning on it. Then you have to lift yourself up and down against the wall to do a successful pushup. It requires less strength, prevents sagging and helps in bigger breasts shape.

Bench press Bench press is a good exercise to prevent sagging as well as trigger the growth of breasts. But you have to take care of not carrying unnecessary extra weight. Just do it with light weight with 10-8-7 sets order.

Chest pressSimilar to bench press, chest press is also a good exercise to bring the curves and tone the breasts.

Dumbbells fly – The dumbbell fly is very important to do as it involves the use of chest muscles, shoulders, and arm muscles. So, for the complete impact of exercise, include the use of dumbbells in your exercise list.

Bottom Line : Breast enlargement exercises are a nice option go with. Choose 3 to 4 exercises as per your ease and continue for 2 to 3 months to see the significant results. Don’t use weighted dumbbells as it may heart you!

Foods that Increase Breast Size

There are plenty of foods that helps to increase breast breast size. Adding them in your lunch and dinner may help you to increase your breast size. As these foods are easy to find out and tasty as well to eat, so what are waiting for just pick the foods as per your taste and increase breast size simultaneously.

foods that increase breast size

Eat healthy, live healthy should be the rule to live with. Include every vegetable and food in your diet and live active with curvy figure. Don’t worry. It will not make you fat. It will just make you fit.

Bottom Line: Foods are very important proper body growth. Without a healthy diet it is almost impossible to get the desired body growth. So create a diet plan that fulfill the the requirement of protein and vitamins, etc that needs for proper body growth.

Yoga Exercises For Breast Enlargement–

Yoga is not mere other kind of exercise. It is the proven scientific method that leads to proper evolvement of body, mind and soul. It nourishes the emotions, brings harmony and relaxes the body nervous system.
yoga for breast enlargement

Yoga creates the energy that sparks the new life in the body to live healthy and fit. The same goes for internal functionality.

When it comes to increase breast size, it has also some great exercises to choose from. Doing certain Yoga Asans regularly balances the secretion of hormone, increases blood circulation and inspires for better body growth.

Certainly it helps in achieving the size increase, prevents sagginess and results in better skin glow and shaping curves.

Here is a list of yoga exercises to increase breast size.

  • Bhujangasana
  • Gowmukhasana
  • Ustrasana
  • Vrikshasana
  • Dwikonasana

Bottom Line : Above Yoga exercises are not only help you to increase breast size but also nourish your body, mind and soul. Choose a few exercise in your breast enlargement plan and do it regularly.

Herbs that work–

Herbs are another alternative to increase breast size. You do not need to starve yourself in gym. Ayurveda has lot’s of herbs that could actually help you to enlarge breast size.

Here is a list of breast enlargement herbs that could help you with.

herbs for breast enlargement

Pueraria MirificaThe herb is known for high amount of phytoestrogen. This element is very helpful in good breast growth. The wild pueraria mirifica is more powerful and beneficial. Those who suffers from condition for estrogen dominance, should not go for this.

Saw Palmetto This herb is grown in Florida and is used to increase the breast size. The herb helps in reducing the level of DHT which is good for a female body to increase feminism. Besides, it works to maintain the estrogens levels in the body.

Licorice –  Licorice is mainly used in food industry to add flavor. The root of the herb works for the health benefits in female body as it contains the amount of phytoestrogen.

Red CloverRed clover consist phytoestrogen that have isoflavones in it. Isoflavones attach themselves to those body parts that are estrogen receptors. Thus, it triggers the need of estrogen in the body and helps in breast size increment.

Wild Yam It is anti-androgen, phytoestrogen containing herb. The herb helps in regulating the estrogen levels in the body.

Sheep SorrelSheep sorrel that are most commonly used are, French Sorrel and Wild Sorrel. The herb has good amount of phytoestrogen property and thus is very good for enlarging breast size.

Hops – This herb is mainly found in Poland, Germany, and South Korea. The herb contains phytoestrogen and thus is considered to be the breast growth boosting herb.

Bottom Line : Herbs are equally important as exercises. It indirectly helps the body to grow the breasts size.

Home Remedies to Increase Breast Size 

Just like the body activity, food is equally necessary to increase the breast size and maintain the curves. These are the main items that specially benefit in the growth and development of breasts.

breast enlargement food

Milk – Milk and milk products are a good option to help gain fat and increase the breast size. Breasts are made of tissues and fat. The consumption of high fat milk and milk products increase the fat and maintain the body nourishment that in turn works for the healthy body shape.

Papaya – Papaya is not only a very good food to correct the digestion function but also helps in increasing the breasts size. It is due to the fact that papaya contains certain types of phytoestrogen that helps in gaining the size. Not recommended for pregnant woman.

Fenugreek seeds – There are three methods of using fenugreek seed (methi) and all three are very beneficial in increasing the breast size. The seeds contain phytoestrogen and diosgenin. Both these elements are highly beneficial for breast growth.

  1. The fenugreek can be used in food making.
  2. The paste of fenugreek can be applied on breasts at night.
  3. The breasts can be massaged with the oil for better shape and size.

Soya beans – Soya beans is a good source of phytoestrogen in the body. It helps in increasing the estrogen level naturally. It is seen that the constant use of soya beans might affect the menstrual cycle so the overuse should be restricted.

Fennel Seeds – The fennel seed is a good supplement to increase the body estrogen levels and can be consumed alone. It tastes good. It should be consumed in the restricted form as it could impact on the nervous system.

Coconut oil – The healthy and all natural coconut oil is a good source for healthy and glowing skin. The massaging from the coconut oil on the breasts triggers the estrogen level and tissue formation. Besides, it also can be consumed in food as a healthy ingredient.

Flax Seeds – Flax seed is an Indian herb that is widely used in making food. The herb is also very good to boost the breast growth.

Raspberries – Raspberries have been used for consumption for thousand years and till today, it is taken as the good nutritional food. So far as the breast growth is concerned, the food has the capability to trigger the formation of new tissues and cells in the breasts.

Fish – If you have no problem with non-veg, fish is a quite good item to boost the growth of breasts. It helps to increase the secretion of estrogen which is the main factor in the development of breasts.

Bottom Line: Home Remedies are an easy and less expensive way to increase the size of breasts. You only have to select a few of them and follow it properly.

How to increase boobs with the use of Vitamins:

Vitamins are an important part for body health and growth. Vitamins ensure that the body attains its maximum growth and activity with right measures. When it comes to right breast development, it plays the same good role in bringing the curvy shape and size. Main vitamins that work for this, are –

Vitamin A – Vitamin A keeps the skin nourished and glowing. It maintains the moisture of skin and keeps it toned. To have a young and toned appearance of breasts, vitamin A is the main play factor.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E helps in maintaining the general health and skin in good tone.

Vitamin C – It works as a collagen supplement. It works to keep the youth and tightness of your skin which helps in glowing and uplifted breasts.

Bottom Line: Vitamins are also an important way for breast growth as it helps body for proper growth of each and every parts.

How to Increase Breast Size by Supplement?

For those, who find it a bit difficult and hard to follow the methods mentioned above, we are providing one more natural solution for them that is really easy to apply, without any need to follow the other methods and will surely bring good results.

It is a formulation that is made using the precious and rare herbs that are found to be highly beneficial in initiating and increasing the breast growth. This supplement is made using only natural herbs in well researched proportion and has already benefited millions of women around the world.

Hashmi Big B XL capsule is the name of this formulation. The medicine is specifically designed to work on every aspect of breast growth, breast health and appearance. The formulation is purely natural and very powerful supplement that increases the shape and size, brings fuller and curvaceous look, glows and tones the breast skin and uplifts them for a better appearance. It is done by the herbs that are very active and works to increase the secretion of estrogen and tones the skin with other detailed perspectives.breast enlargement medicine

Big B XL is the safe, full-proof and very effective answer for the question How to increase breast size fast.

The capsule is made by the experienced and prominent manufacturer, Hashmi Pharmacy, who is well known for its natural medicines for the treatment of all male female sexual issues. These medicines include trust, experience and knowledge of the domain.

So, you can simply use Big B XL breast enhancement capsule to increase the breast size without consuming herbs or breast enlargement foods. The supplement is alone sufficient to deal it all.

This comprehensive guide is not made just to give you other article to read, rather it is an attempt to practically help ladies to achieve their highest potential. In case you want to know any related facts or clear any doubt, feel free to leave a comment. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with a good solution.

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