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Ayurvedic medicines are the blessing of nature. It is the nature`s gift to show us that it care for us. The ayurvedic herbs hold the capacity to heal the body, increase the immune capacity and bring the strength in the body to fight against the cause. This methodology is thousands year old and still hold its place in the most trusted and deep soothing treatment options. The ayurveda contains the solution for more complex diseases. With the evolution of technology in science and research, the ayurvedic medicines have reached to a new height. Now the medicines are not only proven for results but also tested and certified for their safe and beneficial natural formulations. We, at Hashmi Pharmacy, have always believed in the gifts of nature and thus made the most powerful, authentic and very soothing natural medicines that are far away from the chemicals and artificial treatment approach.

How to Gain Weight – A Comprehensive Guide of Weight Gain

How to Gain Weight – A Comprehensive Guide of Weight Gain

weight gainThinking about how to gain weight ? It’s never too late.

Being thin can be just as unhealthy as being obese. This is not just a problem of appearance rather it is directly related to your health, your body efficiency and in turn, your life.

A man without power and good body always finds his existence incomplete and out of confidence. It is the greatest possession that he can ever own.

So far the females are concerned, it is also a known fact that a Skinner appearance cannot make you look that charming and appealing in any dress till your body does not possess its curves.

So, simply saying, a good body weight is very important for every man and woman. But then, how to gain weight naturally and safely? There is no hard and fast rule to weight gain because if your body had been adaptable to whatever you eat, you had already gained weight. But because it is not the scenario, so you need to make extra efforts out of your comfort zone to achieve what you desire.

Here we have provided a comprehensive guide containing all the necessary and fruitful exercises, foods and supplements, diet chart that work to improve the body efficiency and gradually results in permanent weight gain. If these methods are followed with commitment and discipline, then we are very much sure that the practitioner will surely succeed in his/her efforts.

How to Gain Weight

how to gain weight

If you want to know how to gain weight fast at home without any risky or out of the way method, then you are the right place. We have summarized the best available scientific methods that are extremely helpful in gaining the right body weight. These methods are categorized in below mentioned types;

Weight Gain Exercises

Weight Gain foods list

Weight Gain Herbs

Weight Gain Supplements

These methods are elaborated below, but first check out the factors that are the causes for your skinnier look.

Reasons / Causes for underweight:

If a person takes a normal diet and works under no extreme conditions and is still not able to gain weight, then it is not normal thing. A good and healthy body always works for improved efficient and energy. So, it is important to know the possible causes that generally affect the body efficiency and attributes to underweight.

Genetic Causes – It is one of the most common reasons for underweight physique. Genetic attributes create many similarities between parents and their child. If the father and mother are skinnier then the chances of child same appearance stands high.

Weak Digestion function – May be it happens with you that you eat a lot but finds no boost in energy levels or body weight. It could be due to the simple reason of weak digestion function. Weak digestion sends the food intake as waste without completely digesting it. It results in several issues because body does not get its required nutrition and energy.

Fast metabolism – Metabolism is one of the most important body functionality and it directly affects the body weight gain process. The role of metabolism is quite simple. It uses the produced energy after the digestion process, sends the required energy to the related parts and stores the rest of energy as cells in the body. So, a fast metabolic rate uses more energy than required. It results in failed weight gain efforts.

Individual personality – Human nature is not just the decision maker of one`s success in life but it is also the determinant of one`s physique. The reason behind this his/her activeness and efforts made in daily life. Some people work a lot while they give minimum attention to rest, food and leisure things. It tends to spend more energy and leaves nothing for storage in the body.

More Muscle fiber – Muscle fiber is the amount of muscles in the body. It is different in every human being and those who possess more muscle fibers, needs more energy to indulge in daily activities. Thus, a person with more muscles needs more energy to put some weight.

Stomach worms – Whether you accept it or not, but if you fail in gaining the required body weight, then the reason for this also could be the worms in your stomach. A proper diagnosis will help you know the real situation. It is very important for you to get it checked.

Issues in absorbing nutrients and energy – It can happen due to many factors when body stops or minimize the absorption of nutrients which are very important for body supplementing.

Certain diseases – Issues like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, diarrhea, tuberculosis, infection in stomach, coeliac disease, enzyme deficiencies, etc. some of the diseases that can prevent a person from gaining proper weight. Besides, if a person is on the long medication, then also it can affect the body weight gain capacity.

Physical and Psychological tiredness – It is the case when a person fails to gain the proper weight due to excessive physical workout, work stress or body use. Psychological issues like depression, stress, anxiety, tension, headache, etc. affects the body regular functionality. Pay attention to your mental health as these mentioned reasons put a great deal of impact on the physiology of a person. So, to gain the weight, first make a healthy balance in your mind and body state.

How to know what’s the right body weight for me?

An average body weight differs from person to person. The perfect method to know the right body weight as per individual body stature is to calculate his/her BMI. So far the BMI ratings are concerned, a person with 18.5 or less points is known as underweight person. The index rating for a good health person should be 22 to 23. So, calculate your BMI and get the right weight target.

What are the main side effects of being underweight?

The main risk of being underweight is on your health. When a person is underweight, it is not just the physical appearance issue rather it is the issue when the body does not perform the way it should. This gives way to many issues in the body. The immunity power weakens which means the body will take more time to heal. The person also becomes more prone to infections, flu and other general weather change issues. The issues like cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine and nervous system also affects from it. The lower energy levels also affect the sexual capacity of person and he/she fails to concentrate on any subject.

The good health nourishes the whole body function and thus improves the quality of hair and skin, activates the body and mind efficiency levels, reduces pressure on mind, improves self-morale and confidence to face the situations. In short, these are the main vulnerabilities that come in if you are underweight;Side-effects-of-being-underweight

  • Weak and compromised immune system
  • Hormone complications
  • Dull personality and aura
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Low self-esteem and fumbling confidence
  • Getting tired early
  • Low stamina
  • Low Strength

How to gain weight at home? Best methods revealed.

All the natural and safe methods for how to gain weight are given below category wise. It is in your favor to opt for different set of exercises, foods and supplement to move to the path of weight gain successfully.

1. Weight Gain Exercises:

If you want to gain weight and muscles and power, then exercise is a must thing for you. Whether you are a man or woman, exercise is highly beneficial for everyone. If you are not a fan of physical efforts and practices, then at least start with light exercises. Gradually you will start loving it because every time you do exercises, it strengthens your will power, muscles and body efficiency.

Some main exercises that are helpful for beginners and expert alike are mentioned below. The sets for these exercises can be increased with time and the benefit will appear on your body.

weight gain exercises

Push-ups – A very common and very helpful exercise. Equally important for a pro and an amateur. This exercise is the basic for any exercise doer. It targets pectoral muscles, delts, shoulders, chest area and stomach.

Indian style push-ups – Indian style or Hindu push-ups are a bit similar to normal pushups with a difference of more efforts and muscles use. This exercise targets on shoulders, chest and triceps.

Triceps Dips/ Bench Dips – This exercise works on triceps and shoulders.

Pull-ups – This exercise helps to build Lats and arms muscles.

Bodyweight squats – It works on Quads, hamstring and hip flexors.

Jump squats – This exercise is similar to bodyweight squat and works on quads, glutes and hip flexors.

Walking lunges – Help in lowering the fat accumulated in the lower body and brings in toned and strengthened muscles.

Standing Calf Raises – This exercise tones and tightens the leg muscles and helps in strengthening the legs.

Burpees – The target area of this muscle is Chest, triceps, Delts, Quads and Hamstring.

Crunches – Crunches help to reduce the belly fat, increases the core strength of muscles, and work for six pack abs.

Running or Brisk walking – If you know that running is for overweight people then you are misinformed. Running increases stamina, increases muscles strength, increases immunity power, increases  body activity levels and blood circulation, increase appetite and in turn brings body in required shape.

Remember to shuffle between these exercises every day. Don’t repeat same exercise every day because body needs to recover and supplement the muscles break with new cells and energy. Make exercise your habit and it will adore you and make you the owner of better physique.

Exercise tips for Weight Gain:

  1. Drink good amount of water. It is highly important to keep your metabolic rate in order and to supply enough oxygen and energy to all the body parts.
  2. Repeated Sets of every exercise should be done. Do not extend the rest period between two exercises.
  3. Don’t keep waking late night. If you are on mission to gain muscles, then discipline should be your first priority.
  4. Ladies also need to do exercises, but they can opt for light weight exercises.
  5. Never go for exercises empty stomach. It results in big loss of energy. Take bananas, soyabean, or similar other energy oriented food one hour before going to gym. Your gym instructor will give you a complete list of those products that you can easily find in your area.
  6. Regular meals are very necessary if you are on exercise routine.
  7. Change the exercises every day. If you have done Arms exercises today, then next time to do same exercises should come after two days at least.

 Yoga for Weight Gain:

Only exercises are not enough, if you want the complete makeover of your body. Exercises just help in muscles building while Yoga emphasizes on your body and mind development. It is like the restart button which prepares you every day for better working and body functionality. It increases the circulation of oxygen and blood which helps in nutrients absorption. Yoga helps to recharge the body, activates the brain cells and increases flexibility in your body. A strong body cannot be achieved without a strong mind and strong soul. Yoga helps you get there. These are some very helpful yoga asanas for weight gain –

yoga exercises for weight gain

Vajrasana – The very useful asana which can be also be done after meal. This asana gies multiple benefits like balanced metabolic rate, good digestion, calms the mind and strengthens the back muscles.

Bhujangasana – This asana is famous for its pose. The snake pose that is charming is also very beneficial. It helps in better stretch of chest and stomach muscles. Direct impact is on chest area, digestive function, increased appetite, balanced metabolism, and strengthening of back muscles.

Sarvangasana – It helps in improving the blood circulations and helps it reach to those areas where it normally does not reach in that amount. It results in energized body parts and better muscles formations.

Matsyasana – Matsyasana is a must do yoga asana because of its multiple impacts that include control of thyroid gland, strengthening of digestive system, reproductive and cardiovascular systems.

Pavanmuktasana – This asana helps in absorbing the nutrients in the body and benefits the digestive system for better working. It also controls the metabolic rate.

Shavasana – It is the last asana which you should do after all the workout and Yoga. This asana helps to gain from the exercises. Also it brings harmony to mind and balances the blood circulation. The exercise helps in healing the body after workout.

Pranayam – Pranayam is a bit difficult Yoga asana but is extremely helpful in energizing the internal and external existence of the user. This asana alone helps in upbringing and improving the capacity of mind, body and soul of the doer.

Weight Gain Diet Chart

Take an sneak peak on below weight gain diet chart to plan your foods, opt time to eat to get the weight you are looking for.

weight gain diet chart

2 . Weight Gain foods list

This weight gain food list emphasizes on those foods which are easily available for everyone and anyone can afford them easily. These foods are completely safe from any side effects risk and are very helpful in gaining weight at home. With this list of foods, there will remain no need to make any weight gain diet chart or look for calories enhancer.

weight gain food list

Banana and Milk – Banana and milk is the perfect combination that Banana and milk is the perfect combination that you should add to your diet. The best time to consume banana and milk is the morning time. Take at least 2 bananas and 1 glass of full cream milk every day.

Potatoes – Potatoes are the main source of starch and calories. Starch is the sweet sugar that contains high amount of energy. So, include potatoes in your daily meal.

Clarified Butter and Sugar – Clarified butter or Ghee and sugar are one of the ancient methods to gain weight. It tastes good and is also a great source of energy.

Beans –  Beans are the pool of protein and protein is the first requirement to gain muscles and energy. This should also be a part of your breakfast.

Natural Granola – This food is loaded with sugar, nuts, oats and fats.

Eggs – If you are not pure vegetarian then you can rely on eggs for weight gain. Eggs are a great source of protein and also improve body immunity power. Avoid the yellow part in summer.

Whole wheat bread – As it is said, homemade food is the best source of energy, the whole grain roti completes this diet.

Rice – Rice is a great source for carbs and helps to gain quick energy. 1 cup of cooked rice provides 190 calories.

Cheese – Everyone likes cheese, and it is also a very good reason to like when it comes to the question, how to weight gain fast at home.

Soybeans – Soybeans are the good source of energy and protein. Soybeans should be added in daily breakfast or meals to complete the required levels of protein in the body.

Nuts and seeds – Nuts and seeds are high calorie diet and help in energy production. Walnuts, flex seeds, almonds, peanuts, etc., all are healthy and very good energy source.

Avocado – Avocados contains high amount of healthy fats and nutrients. The item can be added in various foods.

Healthy Oils – When you make food, pay attention on the type of oil you use. Good quality, pure, unaltered oil is the best source to cook healthy and energy packed food.

Chocolate – Chocolates are always a treat for taste and is also a good source of energy. Small amount of choco also helps in improving the blood flow and energy circulations.

Figs – Figs are source of high energy. Put 8-10 figs in the water at night and eat in the morning before breakfast and see the results in just one month.

Raisins – Raisins are also the complement of figs. 8-10 raisins and figs are enough in the morning to gain quick weight.

Mangoes – It comes only in summer season and so you should try to make most of it. Summer is not a good weather to gain weight but mangoes can make it so. Mango is great source of quick energy. It has numerous benefits in the body and a great supplement to gain weight.

Dairy Products – Never forget/skip these items if you want to gain weight naturally:

Milk – Some people don’t like milk though it is the best and healthy liquid item after water. Milk completes many deficiencies in the body which remains in the normal course of life. It is the only source that alone can help to gain weight quickly. Consume full cream milk for that.

Butter – Saturated fat, so consume it in balanced amount but use it necessarily. It is good for weight gain at home.

Yogurt – Natural yogurt is the very good natural food to gain weight and regularize the digestion and metabolism function.

Cheese – Cheese is high density energy and fat item. It makes food tasty as well as increase its energy concentration many folds.

If you are a Non-Vegetarian –If you have no issue with non-veg, then these foods are also beneficial for you,

  • Eggs
  • Lean Red Meat
  • Chicken
  • Shellfish
  • Oily fishes

If you want to add a few kilos without taking supplements and artificial protein products, then this weight gain food list should be in your mind every time so that when you go to market next time for shopping, you remember to purchase these items on regular basis.

3. Weight gain Herbs – Herbs that help

There are certain herbs that work in the body to regulate the causes that prevent the body from gaining weight. These causes sometimes also invite new issues in body. These herbs can be used after proper consultation with your doctor as the natural herbs work differently as per individual conditions.

weight gain herbs

Ginger –Commonly available and widely used herb that works in the body to increase the appetite. It is also a good herb to improve immunity power.

Ashwagandha Powder –It is a widely known and used herb in various medicines and tonics. The multiple benefits of ashwagandha make it a rich and natural supplement to gain weight. It fulfills the lack of energy, heals stress, removes fatigue and brings the appetite back.

Custard Apple –Good herb to use in the process of weight gain. It brings down the body heat, increases the chances of weight gain and treats anorexia.

Chen Pi –This herb is known to improve the digestive system, treats dyspepsia, and increases body`s natural secretions. It is a good herb to help in weight gain naturally and safely.

Blessed thistle –It is used in various tonics to increase the appetite. It is bitter in taste and helpful in regulating the digestion function.

Chamomile –Chamomile is good source to treat the digestion related issues like gas, dyspepsia, and indigestion. It helps in increasing hunger which in turns incites the person to have more food.

Licorice –This herb helps in strengthening the immune system.

Fenugreek –This herb is a useful natural treatment for different types of issues in the body. So far the weight gain is concerned, this herb helps to improve digestive enzymes, reduces cholesterol, stabilizes glucose in blood, prevents constipation and works to prepare the body to gain weight properly and naturally.

Gentian –The herb helps in better absorption of food, increases appetite, tones the stomach and intestines, better enzymes absorption and recovers from fatigue. The herb is found very beneficial in weight gaining process.

Dandelion –Dandelion works to improve the appetite, improves the amount of digestive enzymes, and is very good herb that contains iron, potassium, zinc and some vitamins complex.

4. Weight Gain Supplement:

Weight gain supplement is for those who want a well-researched, tested, authentic and powerful medium to gain weight safely and naturally. The supplement that is mentioned here is the single alternative for all the herbs and foods to fulfill the body deficiency for nutrients and other supplements, to remove the causes of underweight and regularize the body functionality for future benefits.

The main benefit of this natural supplement is that there is no need to look for any medical consultations, or research the web or make a list of weight gain tips. This supplement is formulated to help in those areas which generally remain untouched from general foods and other methods.Weight Gainer : An Easier And Safe Way To Gain Weight

Vetoll XL is the name of this natural supplement which is made from the rare and precious natural herbs only without any use of chemicals. This supplement is made as the complete treatment to help gain weight to anyone. This natural weight gainer is not just the cure of the issues but is also the booster of energy and weight gain process.

The medicine is made by the reputed and old natural medicine maker, Hashmi pharmacy, who is known for its all-natural highly beneficial and result oriented natural medicines. Vetoll XL is made to fulfill that void which was always there in the market.

It strikes on those points which the medical industry generally does not address. It starts its working to regularize the digestion metabolism function and then gradually, after increasing the appetite, incites the body to absorb the enzymes and energy for its better use and storage.

The supplement works without any force on the body. It improves the body process, removes the causes, maintains the functions and thus results in most natural and soothing results. Vetoll XL is the natural weight gainer which eliminates the need of herbs, extra food consumption and efforts. The complete course not only helps in gaining the proper weight but also regularizes the body efficiency to maintain the weight in future as well.

Vetoll XL is GMP and ISO certified product and is already proved its legacy in the market. If you want to know how to gain weight naturally then this is the most reliable and proven answer for your question.

Weight gain tips – Points that help

  • Protein and Carbs are very important source to gain weight so every food that contains protein and carbs is good for the mission.
  • As already told, if you do exercise, your muscles need rest to recover. If you do physical work, then also your muscles need rest. So, make a disciplined chart for your daily sleep and wake up timings, take at least 8 hours of good sleep and see your body rise.
  • Be patient with yourself because one day effort and one day food will not do any wonder. Even one week is not enough. You can expect some visual changes after a month if you are doing it right and your body does not have any other issues that prevents from weight gain.
  • Believe in yourself if you want to achieve the targeted weight. It is very important to believe in what you do otherwise don’t do it at all. To believe is to make.

DO’s and DON’Ts :

DO’s –

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body active, hydrate and full of energy.
  • Live disciplined life and include different types of foods in your daily chart.
  • Consume one or more types of dairy products daily.
  • Be patient and be satisfied with your efforts.
  • Be consistent in your efforts.

DON’Ts –

  • Never take any fruit in empty stomach, it works for weight loss not weight gain.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking as much as possible.
  • Keep your daily activity to normal.
  • Avoid snacks and liquids before having meal as it reduces your appetite.
  • Don’t put excess mental pressure as mental health is first condition to gain weight.

With these tips and points, we wish you good luck in your endeavors. For any doubt or issue, you can contact our specialists on phone/email for detailed and free consultation.

Note : The herbs/ exercises/ foods suggested above are for a normal person. If you suffer from any kind of infection issue, body pain or disease, then kindly contact your doctor first before going for any effort.

Erectile Dysfunction Cure – A Complete Guide to Get Harder Erection

Erectile Dysfunction Cure – A Complete Guide to Get Harder Erection

Erectile dysfunction is an issue which affects most people at some point in their life. But the problem is not in its occurrence rather it is related to its repetition. No one would like the idea to indulge in sex act and then finding inability to finish it with satisfaction. But it is what happens when a person suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Since the evolution of human being, sex is a subject of curiosity, excitement and dominance. It is highly important for a man to be a good player in bed if he wants to fulfill the desires of his loved one. But little he can do when the dent of sexual dysfunction falls upon him. It should be understood that this issue may come in anyone`s life and there is no need to be disappointed or depressed as Erectile Dysfunction Cure can be treated.There are countable ways which have proven very effective in erectile dysfunction cure. So one should just put his thoughts on the right things and try to win over it.

This guide will tell you all the necessary things that you should know about the erectile dysfunction cure, its causes and will throw proper light on how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a situation when a man finds himself unable to gain the complete erection to indulge in the sex act or if he gains it, he loses it before the penetration and thus fails to have a successful intercourse. The issue remains whatever the person does at that time.

Erectile Dysfunction Cure

This situation comes as an embarrassment and so further drags the man’s self-esteem. In most cases, it is observed that the person who suffers from erectile dysfunction also suffers from depression and frustration. It is obvious and can’t be ignored as the sex is the direct key point attached to nervous system, body efficiency and brain response.

The thing to remember here is the fact that in half cases, it gets better after a short span of time. This is called temporary dysfunction in which the man’s body operational efficiency could be low due to a number of factors and thus the man fails to achieve the proper erection. In a few days, after good diet and balanced psychology, the person comes back to his normal stage.

The need for proper treatment generates when even after the failed attempts and trying the things that a person can do in bed, he fails to achieve the hard and full erection. This kind of dysfunction is mainly seen in middle aged or senior aged men.

Erectile dysfunction, before the advancement of the medical world, was known as Impotence. Still those who are unaware of this, they take this issue as impotence and thus don’t even hope for its cure. Impotence is the complete inability to get the erection or indulge in the sexual intercourse. Whereas ed is a different thing. It is not birth-given thing rather it creeps in during the sex life of a man. But there is no denying from the fact that sexual dysfunction might turn into impotence, if proper treatment is not done in time. So, mind it.

 Quick facts on Erectile Dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction is the continuous inability of a man to have a successful intercourse due to weak and soft erections.
  • The main symptoms of erectile dysfunction are – inability to gain the hard and full erection, or failure to maintain the erection and losing it before penetration.
  • The main causes of ed could be both physical and psychological.
  • The right reason for the issue can be known with proper diagnosis, by the doctor.
  • It is mainly connected to the poor performance of blood vessels and low blood flow to the penile area.
  • It could happen with or without other sexual issues like low libido, premature ejaculation, small amount of semen, lack of fluid release in the penis, pain during ejaculation, etc.
  • This issue can happen to anyone irrelevant to the age, health or body quotient.
  • The issue of erectile dysfunction can be cured with proper treatment.

How common is the issue of erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfuncyion age-wise

The issue ranges from different stages to different ages. It can happen to an adult or to a middle aged man or to an old man. Some might gain an erection and lose it at the time of penetration while some might not gain a complete hard erection at all. The erectile dysfunction is a very common issue among men. As per different studies conducted all over the world, it was found that approx. 50% men suffer from erectile dysfunction issue at some point in their life. While some get over it without help, others struggle to cure erectile dysfunction.

How the erection is achieved and sustained (Body functionality)?

Erection is a neurovascular event in which nerves and blood vessels are involved. The effective performance of both results in hard and long lasting erection. Erection is the result of stimulation which can be physical (touch of the penis) or psychological (talks, thoughts, viewing sexual content). When the sexual stimulation does it work, nitric oxide releases in the nerves going to the penis which in turn releases another chemical named cyclic GMP in the muscles of corpora cavernosa. This chemical makes the blood cells in the penis to relax and expand while the increased testosterone in the body triggers the blood flow to penis. This process results in expansion as the blood comes in the penis and makes it bigger.

After the full erection is achieved, the area of corpora cavernosa swells which results in the compression of the blood veins that supply the blood in and out of penis. When the veins remains compressed, the blood remains in the penis and erection remains the hard and complete. As soon as the amount of cyclic GMP decreases, the blood cells that hold blood starts to tighten. It results in weaker veins compression in the corpora cavernosa and blood exits slowly from the penis.

What are the main causes of erectile dysfunction?

Before knowing about the erectile dysfunction, it is important to know about the primary requirements to have a hard erection.

  • A good psychological state and healthy nervous system that conducts nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column and penis.
  • Healthy penile organ and blood arteries that carry and hold blood during erection.
  • Adequate secretion of testosterone and other chemicals in the body.
  • Good functioning tunica albuginea which works for the compression of the veins while erection to keep the blood in the penis.
  • Healthy and energetic body which is capable for the proper flow and functioning of all the processes.

If the person lacks in anyone or more of the above mentioned conditions, then he will face the problems in proper erection.

These are the main causes of Erectile dysfunction:

Physiological conditions-

  • Low blood flow to the penis – It happens due to reasons like blockage in the veins, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, obesity, depression, tension or other neurological issues etc.
  • Low secretion of hormones (testosterone) – The low amount of testosterone reduces the excitement and stamina. It results in unprepared state of body and mind to indulge in sex act. It affects the whole process, from blood flow to chemical reactions, and so the erection is not achieved.

Physical causes of the issue:

If you are suffering from the erectile dysfunction, then you should get your proper body checkup as there are many reasons which directly or indirectly affect the performance of penis. Some of the main causes are given below –

  • Diabetes can invite the issue of erectile dysfunction much earlier in men than those with non-diabetic symptoms. Diabetes increases the risk of ed because it causes atherosclerosis. It is a situation when the blood arteries get thickened and hardened. It narrows the blood supply to the penis which causes the weak erection.
  • Obesity is the reason of low metabolic rate. It also slows down the body energy circulation, creates blockage in the arteries and also gives birth to diabetes in the body. It is more likely that an overweight person will face the issue of erectile dysfunction.
  • High blood pressure causes issues like low secretion of nitric oxide which causes weak erection.
  • Heart disease which limits the amount of blood flow and excitement in the body.
  • Hormonal disorders like thyroid condition, low amount of testosterone, etc.
  • High cholesterol is another issue that can attract erectile dysfunction.
  • Injuries in Pelvic area or Spinal cord
  • Prostate disease treatment
  • Surgical causes
  • Parkinson`s disease
  • Radiation therapy in the pelvic area

Prescription reasons of erectile dysfunction:

  • Medicines that are used to treat high blood pressure
  • Medicines that have the effect on nervous system
  • Sleeping pills
  • Prescriptions for depression and anxiety
  • Cancer treatment
  • Prostate treatment and prescriptions
  • Hormonal drugs
  • Some kind of painkillers

Psychological Causes that become the reason of Erectile dysfunction

As already told, the mental reasons are one of the main reasons that affect the sexual capacity of men. So, it is highly important to be mentally healthy and energetic. These are the main types of mental negativity that brings the sexual dysfunction in the body,

  • Depression – One of the wide spread issue in present day social structure and one of most life threatening as well. Depression completely blocks happiness, hope, positive thoughts, and expectations. Due to this reason, many people face the issue of sexual dysfunction.
  • Anxiety and tension – These two things can weaken any person even if he is far from all the bad habits and addictions. Tension and anxiety often create self-doubt and breaks the confidence of a man and also invites many issues in the body.
  • Sexual Timing and performance pressures – It happens for so many reasons like watching porn, thinking too much about act, making the unreasonable parameters, expecting too much from yourself, etc. Generally, this type of sexual dysfunction remains for a short time till you understand your capacity and reasonability. One should understand that sex is made for the enjoyment and refreshment and it is not a life exam.
  • Guilt and low self-esteem – Not only for sex act, guilt and self-esteem issue can become the reason of various failures. It is one of the most fatal issues of mind but it can be curbed with proper counseling and healthy thought process.
  • Fear of intimacy and hesitation – Hesitation can be speed breaker in many cases. Fear of intimacy is mostly found in men who are in the habit to live alone.
  • Stress – Stress creates the need to relax. Though the sex act works as refreshment for body, but if the person is in the habit of living in continuous stress, then it could cause disinterest in sex.
  • Communication gap with sex partner – It also happens with many people. Sex is not a physical act, it is the match and mix up of two human beings and thus, it cannot be done without emotional attachment and intimacy. If there is communication gap, then both the person will lose interest in sex act.

Erectile dysfunction cure – A complete list of all the methods

Erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction is not an issue which can`t be cured. With proper treatment, firm determination and healthy psychological state, this issue can be removed to a large extent in a small time. If you want to know how to cure ed permanently then this is your chance to get it. There are some prevailing methods to cure erectile dysfunction, out of which some need time, some need hard work, some need extra efforts and some need proper care. So, it is important for you to choose the right method that suits you best.

  1. Treat erectile dysfunction using home remedies
  2. Erectile dysfunction cure exercise
  3. Therapy and Surgery
  4. Natural Supplement

Home remedies to keep a hard on:

Home remedies is the first choice of every person to treat any issue and it is also, indeed, the best way for treatment save, the person knows the exact way to take these home remedies. The main home remedies to treat erectile dysfunction are given below –

1. Korean Red Ginseng – It is also known as Asian ginseng. The herb is used as a medium to heal the sexual performance. It is also an herb to help in the size of the penis. The recommended dosage is 600mg to 1000mg a day but the user should first consult the doctor to ensure if he has any contrary medical situation.



2. L-arginine – This herb works as a supplement of nitro oxide in the body. The nitric oxide helps in expanding the size of blood cells in corpora cavernosa and which holds more blood in the process of arousal. The main foods that are the source of L-arginine are –

6 food that contains arginine


Protein rich foods like meat, egg, chicken, fish, peas, seeds, nuts, etc. Besides, the user can also take the supplement medicines after consultation with your doctor.

3. Ginger – Ginger is good for body. It is an herb which is used in many issues in the body. The herb has aphrodisiac property which means it is helpful in increasing the blood flow to the penis and in gaining the better erections. You can take it as ginger tea daily two times a day/ or take two teaspoons of ginger paste with one teaspoon of honey and take it two times a day/ or take one-half teaspoon of ginger juice with a boiled egg and honey before going to bed in night.


4. Carrots – It is said that if you want to live long and healthy, then you should eat carrot on regular basis. Carrot has many good properties that help the body. It also contains aphrodisiac properties and high beta-carotene content. Thus, it is an important source to treat ed.


Drink carrot juice blended with celery stalks, beetroot and garlic cloves. The proportion should be 3 carrots, 3 celery stalks, half of beetroot, and one garlic cloves.

Drink one glass of milk with two carrots daily.

Take carrots in salad.

4. Pomegranate Juice – Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidant and also helps in reducing the stress. It is found highly effective in improving the blood circulation and increases the nitro oxide levels in the body. The user can drink the juice of pomegranate daily or take the supplements after consulting the doctor.


5. Onion – Onions have the aphrodisiac properties and help in treating the loss of semen, increasing the timing, and removing the erectile dysfunction issue. Use it as a salad, or steep two full size onion in two cups of water for 10 minutes and drink half cup three times daily for two months for good impact.Onion


6. Almonds – Almonds are good in various things. It helps in many ways to the body. Almonds also have good aphrodisiac properties with good amount of vitamin E. Thus, it works to improve the blood flow and energize the veins for a better arousal.


Mix one teaspoon of almond powder in a glass of milk and drink it daily before going to bed.

Or, soak 6-8 almonds in the water for a few hours. Eat these before going to bed every day.

7. Garlic – Garlic is found beneficial in the treatment of various types of issues and is proven in a study that it helps in curing the erectile dysfunction.


Chew garlic cloves daily.

Or, Mix one teaspoon of garlic powder and cayenne pepper powder and consume the mixture with one glass of water before going to bed.

Erectile dysfunction cure exercises

1. Pelvic floor exercise – These exercises are found to be highly beneficial in the removal of erectile dysfunction issue for a long time. These exercises strengthen the muscles of pelvic area and thus bring the benefit in the sexual functionality. The main focus while doing these exercises should put on the tightening and releasing of the muscles.

Pelvic floor exercise

2. Kegel Exercises – Kegel exercises are an important role player if you want to improve your sexual performance. The kegel exercises are a bit tricky but once you learn them, you can earn much more than what you desire.

Kegel Exercise

3. Aerobic exercises – These exercises might not have the direct connection to the pelvic area but these exercises help a great deal in gaining the sexual energy and capacity. These exercises help in treating the obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and vascular diseases. Also, these exercises improve the blood flow to the penis.

aerobic exercises

4. Yoga – Yoga is a complete workout for your body and just because of its known and proven benefits, it is becoming popular every day. Yoga work on whole body and gives the long lasting benefit while extending the capacity of the body. It releases the tension, stress, improves blood flow, maintains the health of heart, balances cholesterol and brings numerous benefits to the body.


5. SwimmingSwimming in itself is the complete body exercise. It helps in many ways to the body. It tones the pelvic muscles, improves the blood flow and the secretion of manly hormones that helps in better arousal and erections.


Therapy and Surgery

Surgery is a risky method when it comes to penis. Penis is a very tender and sensitive part and so, proper care should be taken. Surgery does not hold promises about the results but it is also an option to treat the erectile dysfunction issue.

On the other hand, Acupuncture is comparatively safe method to treat the erectile dysfunction problem. This therapy method was invented in china and it is used since the ancient times. It is a method in which body gets new and proper flow of energy by pressing the right points in the body. It improves the blood flow and relieves from tension.


Natural Supplement

We have only mentioned “natural supplement” because in our research, we found that there is no other method of medication that has safe and healing capacity like natural medicines. These natural supplements are completely safe and very beneficial when it comes to usage for sensitive and complex issues. For you ease, we have already provided the details about the most soothing and market leading natural erectile dysfunction treatment. The name of this medicine is Hard Rock capsule.erectile dysfunction Supplement

This medicine is made by the renowned and trusted natural medicine maker, Hashmi. The medicine formulated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is one of its kind, completely natural and very powerful alternative of all other methods. Hard rock is made of only natural herbs, after the complete research and testing. The medicine has already proved its worth by curing every type of erection issue. It is completely safe from side effects issue and works in due time. Being a natural supplement, the benefits remain for a longer time. Hard Rock regulates and corrects the sexual issue in the natural process and brings the most revolutionary impact. The user attains the rock hard erection every time that does not weakens throughout the session. Besides curing the erection issue, it also helps in increasing the timing and stamina.

Disclaimer: All the above mentioned exercises should be done in the guidance of expert first then move to individual practice. Similarly, the herbs mentioned above have different impact on different people, so it is advised to first consult your doctor to get the right amount of usage as per the body capacity and medical conditions.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Sex Power– Live the Ultimate Sex life with Ultimate Sex Drug

Ayurvedic Medicine for Sex Power– Live the Ultimate Sex life with Ultimate Sex Drug

ayurvedic medicine quotesAyurvedic medicine for sex_bannerWhat else one can ask for? Ayurvedic medicine for sex power are possibly the best medium to enhance your sex capacity. Man has always been cautious and curious about his sexual capacity and always wants to be at its fullest. What he is not ready to do if he comes to know that a certain path can lead to increased manliness without any danger of side effects. Though, man sexual power and sex organ is a complex area of treatment and not much bigger conclusions have been known to come in light, but, a little impact makes the realization of a greater impact.

If you are able to increase your timing just by 10 minutes, that would be huge for you and your partner as well. If you are able to gain just a half an inch in your average penis, that would make you standing in the master penis owner. But, would you find a proper and official statement from scientists or researchers ?? No. Because people are not prepared to receive these types of news and feel a bit small or bit weak. Yet, those who believe in knowledge, believe in improvements. For those, we have brought forward a very precise and rare ayurvedic medicine for sexually long time.

Sexology explained in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient yet scientifically proven method of treatment. It isSexology explained in ayurveda vast and powerful for the treatment of most of the issues. The Ayurveda is born from the essences of nature. It has almost everything in it. When it comes to sexual relations, Ayurveda offers the most authentic, trust worthy and precious knowledge. The sayings from the texts run in various instances and methodologies. The real reasons behind the premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, low libido, low quality of sperms and similar other cases are well explained in the old contexts of Ayruveda. “Charak Samhita” is one of such great researches.

Ayurvedic methodology is thousands years old yet the causes and treatments told in it are the most accurate. The human health is categorized in Three Doshas in Ayurveda, ie; Vaat, Pitta, Kapha.

Three Doshas in Ayurveda Vaat, Pitta, Kapha

The balance and status of these three decides the complete health and body capacity of a person. So far as sex performance is concerned, it depends upon the collateral coordination of all three. Sex is defined as the integral and necessary part of a human life. It helps in achieving the mental nourishment and good health. The texts of Kamasutra wrote by Maharishi Vatsyayana explains the ways to do more than just having an intercourse. The book portrays various positions of sex that can increase the interest, time, and enthusiasm in having sex while bringing more sexual pleasure. It also focuses on the other aspects during or before having sex that promise for a better and explosive sex act. Things like intimate and loving touch, good atmospheric and body smell, healthy food, good music and relaxing talks prepare body for sex act. Though sex is primarily based on the psychological aspects yet the physical strength and genitals capability is equally necessary to achieve what you desire.

As per the Ayurveda, a man`s mental stability or aggression in bed is decided by pitta. An increased pitta results in anger, frustration and aggressiveness which mostly lead to premature ejaculation. An increased vaat leads to sexual issues in the body that result in weakness, less immunity power and emotional instability. In the context of sex, kapha dosha is known to bring jealousy, vulnerable self-esteem and possessiveness.

While these issues are found in different levels in every human, the collective impact of these affect one`s performance significantly in bed. To deal with these, there are various herbs, sex foods, and elements that are mentioned to have a very positive impact on the body.

If one goes in detail in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda he will find that all the issues that men face nowadays, are already explained in it with complete details.

Ayurvedic medicine for sex in hindi or English- It does not matter if the medicine is genuine:

You can find a flood of them but would that help you in your cause in any way? You want a proper and exact treatment for your issue, not a well branded and projected market bluff. There are things that you have to understand before you choose a certain treatment. When your search for ayurvedic medicine for sex power in hindi or herbal medicine for sexually long time, then not all the medicines that would appear in search results are ayurvedic medicines. There are many names that come up in results due to the tricks of the internet market experts. Not all the manufacturers possess the proper knowledge of ayurvedic medicines. You should know how to filter them away. By taking into account the experience of the manufacturer, capacity/ benefits of the medicine and the market reviews, one can easily get the real picture.

Causes of Sexual Problems

In the 21 century, where people are too busy in their personal and personal life, sexual issues are quite often. There are several causes that could decrease sex drive, power, stamina and timing. Stress, excessive work, more than required exercises and injury are the most common.

Obesity also has a significant impact on sexual performance. It could lower the sex drive and sexual abilities in the male. Obesity slows down one’s body that shows its effects later on sexual performance.

Sexual problem could arises due to emotional causes too e.g. doing first time sex could leads you to early discharge, it may be because of excitement. Feeling of denial from participants, Poor appearance, and low confidence are also the main causes that have play vital role in sexual activities.

Thinking a lot about future, success and failure in life could also cause emotional trigger that lead to sexual disabilities.

Factors that Count in Sexual Performance

Overall sexual performance is measured on the basis of sexual timing, stamina, power and sex drive.

Let’s check one by one-

Sexual Timing- Sexual timing is measured on the time duration one having sex. If you are come out early you can’t satisfy your female partner. Female takes time for orgasm. And if you leave them unsatisfied in the bed it may break your relationship with her.

Sexual stamina- Another important factors to measure the sexual performance of male in the bed. Every women want from their male partner to penetrate at least one to two in same position. It enables them to arouse. But, if you can’t do that, there are very less chance to satisfy her even aroused her.

 Sexual Power- Someone has said that “everything in this world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power”. Sexual power matter a lot when it comes to having sex. To stay at least 15 minute in the bed you must have enough power to penetrate, do other activities and satisfy her.

Sex Drive- Also known as sex desire matters a lot, because without sex drive no one could participate in the sex act effectively. The negative part of it is people lose their sex desire as they getting old. Bad lifestyle, smoking also leads to low sex drive also known as low libido. The worst part of that is you can’t guess you are having low sex drive in the 2 or 3 attempts as you can guess other factors like stamina, power and timing.

Ayurvedic Herbs and natural foods that work like magic to increase sexual power

Though most of these herbs are not available easily, the names and benefits of some main herbs are given below, in case you find them. Besides, you should also take complete care in the consumption as the ayurvedic herbs should be taken after the complete study of individual body.Ayurvedic Herbs And Natural Foods

Lets face one by one,

Shatavari – Shatavari is basically an aphrodisiac for women. It works to increase the energy level, balances the hormone reproduction and body health in female. The cumulative impact of the herb results in better sexual arousal and interest. While in man, shatavari increases the amount of semen. The continuous consumption not only increases the semen but also improves its quality thus curing the infertility in men. The herb is used in almost all the major natural medicines due to the fact that it directly works for the better health and sexual stimulation of genitals.

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha works like an aphrodisiac. When consumed regularly for sometimes, it increases the amount of nitro oxide in the blood that results in the dilatation of the blood vessels carrying blood to the genitals. The boosted amount of blood to the genitals causes better arousal and better erection.

Shilajit – A very popular herb that is not easily available. Shilajit is known to improve the man sexual health very effectively. It is powerful natural substance that increases the blood flow to the genitals, boosts the amount of testosterone, improves the quality of semen and strengthens the genital muscles. The herb is found in four colors – Blue, Yellow, Red and Black. In all the four, the Black is the most powerful and effective as the supplement of sexual health.

Kaunch – Kaunch is magical herb for those men who are suffering from premature ejaculation. The herb has the power to increase the sexual capacity and stability. It also increases the production of testosterone in the body which results in better sexual arousal and erection. The herb strengthens the genital muscles that help in stretching the time of orgasm and results in sexual satisfaction for both the partners.

Talmakhana – Talmakhana, a general use item that is mostly used as dry fruit. The item has the direct impact on the amount and quality of the semen. Talmakhana helps in making the sperm quality better and keep the sperms alive for a longer period that increases the chances of conception.

Gokshura – Gokshura is another natural herb that possesses the capability to increase the amount of semen and boost sexual vitality in men. The herb is assumed to increase the nitric oxide in the body which works to increase the sexual interest and sexual capacity in man.

Ginseng (Panax ginseng) – Ginseng lowers stress, improves immune system, concentration, raises brain function and treats erectile dysfunction. The herb is of high importance is one of the most used in ayurvedic and natural medicines.

Cinnamon – It is a spice obtained from the inner part of several trees. The ingredient works to increase the health and works as an antioxidant.

Muira puama – It is a nerve tonic or aphrodisiac mainly used in various parts of Brazil. The herb is the traditional supplement that promotes potency and increases the man`s ability to indulge in sex act.

Oatstraw – Oatstraw is an old ayurvedic herb used to balance the emotional level, restoring nervous system and increasing the sexual flow in body. The herb is extremely good in preparing and improving the body capability to indulge in better sex act.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) – It improves the blood circulation in the whole body and brings the better arousal. The herb also helps in the healing and betterment of kidney.

Schizandra (Schisandra chinensis) – The herb works to increase the man`s sexual capacity in the bed. It helps in reducing the chances of premature ejaculation and boosts passion by better regulation the blood cirucaltion.

Damiana  – Damiana leaves are known to have the characteristics of an aphrodisiac. It is mainly used in south America, southern texas, mexico and central America to increase the sex power.

Vanilla – Vanilla is known for its specific and powerful sexual properties that work to increase the amount of testosterone in the body. The item increases the desire for sex and builds stamina to indulge in better sexual activity. It helps in creating the sheer passion and force.

Maca – Maca is a superfood that improves strength and promotes hormonal, physical and emotional states in humans. The herb has long lasting benefits in the better functionality of human body.

Tribulis terrestris (known as Horny Goat Weed) – The herb is used to tremendously increase the man`s sexual capacity and interest. It is known to arouse a man and give him powerful erections with a good amount of semen.

PXXL ayurvedic medicine for sex – One medicine to substitute all others

pxxl ayurvedic medicine for sexThe scope of Ayurveda is not limited to the treatment of general health issues rather it keep the secrets for treatment of most complex of issues. The natural method or ayurvedic method has gained popularity in the recent years again due to its result oriented, safe and proper treatment. To take the natural treatment to new heights, the pharmacy that is making their big contribution in the most generous way is, Hashmi Pharmacy.

The pharmacy was established by Haqeem Hashmi ji in 1929 and since then the pharmacy has been an ideal name for the treatment of all kind male-female sexual and general health issues using natural treatment method. The medicines they provide are known for their exact and powerful impact without any side effects issue. The natural medicines have a long lasting impact and the pharmacy is known to bring the most revolutionary, one of the very few really working treatments for penis enlargement.

PXXL capsule is another big name of the Hashmi pharmacy. It is the herbal medicine for sexually long time which is made keeping in mind the wide spread common issue of low libido, low sexual power, weak erections and small timings. These issues are so common that people take them as the average capacity of a normal man. But the truth is known to them who are living a well stretched, passionate sexual life. The desires that remain in the eyes of your partner can tell you well about your shortcomings.

PXXL capsule is one of the ayurvedic medicines for sex that actually bring results. The reason is in its herbs. The ingredients used in this medicine are grown and imported by the Pharmacy in their best form. If there is anything that the manufacturers of this medicine care for, that is its quality and impact. They know that a quality medicine that is capable of bringing change can bring them goodwill and name. And it is their only success formula and market strategy to deal with market competition so far. PXXL is the medicine for sexually long time for men and it will increase your erection power, sexual efficiency and passion in bed. Once you achieve your best, you can stop taking the medicine and you will find yourself in the same state for a certainly long time. Though, you will have to take care for your sexual and general health.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss -Weight Loss Supplement

A beast that you will become:

Indian medicine for sexually long time is a well-known thing. People from various countries come here in the search of best herbal medicine to increase sexual power due to the fact that ayurvedic medicines help in gaining the benefits without any issue. PXXL herbal medicine is one of its kind sex power medicine that will not only burn the desires in you to achieve your optimum in the bed but also inspire you to calm all the nerves of your partner. It will give you the required energy and enthusiasm to satisfy your partner perfectly. The powerful and long lasting erection will ensure that you penetrate her deep inside and don’t even stop till she ask for it. The foreplay timing will increase dramatically as you will not have any worry regarding your erection or timing. This medicine has the power of ancient secrets that will keep you going without a stumble and you will reach the explosive orgasm after your partner has achieved so. Only then you will know what you were doing till date and what you can do with the help of this rare and powerful ayurvedic medicine.

Write in for your query or doubt and tell us that you were here. We don`t spam call and maintain the privacy of our users. You will hear from us when you want to.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss -Weight Loss Supplement

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss -Weight Loss Supplement

fat cutterDid you just thought for weight loss ? think asap…

Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss are for those people who are looking a safe and soothing treatment option. Weight loss is a like a climb on the mountain with no proper medium to do that. You just go forward expecting for the next stable stand.

But does that make sense. If you have to prepare yourself for marriage in next three months, if you are going to set the target to become fit in next 2 months, if you want to make yourself fit for the upcoming summer, then will you rely on a uncertain and irregular way of cutting your necessary diet and working more then what your body allows. Would it help you to cut weight? Even if you get success in doing so, would you be able to retain the charm and energy necessary for your personality?

Generally, weight loss is nothing more than reducing the stored fat and inactive energy cells. So if you do it without proper guidance, there come some irregularities like loss of energy, fatigue, dark circles under eyes, loose and dull skin, loss of appetite, and poor nourishment of body. So to help you in this situation and bring you out from all these obstacles, we offer a very safe and trusted, result oriented medicine for weight loss and related home remedies.

Ayurveda – A gift of nature to humanity

ayurvedic medicine for weight loss

Nature, the very element of our existence, is also the very element to keep us safe. For thousands of years, Ayurveda has nourished and supplemented the human species. The precious and rare herbs that were plucked from plants and trees, were put to use to fill the deficiency and heal the body. That was enough when the issues and human requirements were not that high. With the passing of time, humans discovered new ways of treatment which were quick, easily available and highly result oriented.

These artificial methods, obviously came with the risks of side effects, but progression and innovation never stops. And gradually, Doctors and patients started feeling the need of a safer and deep benefitting treatment method. Thus, the ancient natural method took the form of new, improved, researched and tested, full-fledged treatment. Presently, it is known from many names like Ayurveda, Natural, Herbal etc. The sources of all these medicines are the natural herbs and similar elements.

The ayurvedic treatment is the treatment from nature. It works in the most soothing and safe manner. The herbs work on the body to heal and energize the body. In this way, it only enhances the body capacity to stand against the issue. Though the process takes time, it brings the benefits that are the real motive of medication. The natural medicines not only remove the issue, it also prevents the recurring nature.

These ayurvedic weight loss powder, medicines and herbs work to bring the body to tis normal body functionality. If you think or if you have been told that the body fat is only the reason of over eating and body inactiveness then you are half-informed. There are many factors that are the reason for the overweight of the body which are mentioned below. To deal with such causes, a proper and well-nourished treatment is very necessary that can work on various aspects to bring the most harmonious and all round impact for the overweight issue. For your ease of finding, that topic is covered later in the article.

Overweight and Obesity – Factors that are responsible for this:


Overweight and Obesity are two different terms. Overweight is a situation when a person`s BMI is more than 25 and less than 30. On the other hand, obesity is when a person`s BMI is more than 30. So far the factors are concerned, overeating and low body activity are the generally known reasons of overweight, there are other main reasons that work silently and significantly.

Slow metabolic rate – The very reason of your uncontrollable weight is your slow metabolic rate that is the main body function for energy management.

Poor digestion – The poor digestion leads to half-digested food that makes the layer of waste fat or useless fat on the body.

Long medical course – If you are on a long medical course for any issue, it can bring the body irregularity, hyper process activity and slow metabolism that further results in fat accumulation. These types of fat are not healthy or energy stored fat.

Genetics – With mind, face features and other similarities, you can also get the gift of obesity from your parents. IN this case, it is not necessary that you are over healthy, you might feel the continuous lack of energy in this case.

Eating habits – Repeated eating habits. Good for skinny people, bad for overweight people.

Less active daily routine – The 9 – 6 job can make you fat in personality, specially your belly fat.

Emotional disbalance – The problem that is mostly found in girls. A kind of syndrome that leads to overeating in case of emotional conditions.

Alcohol/ smoking – Not appreciated at all, in any case. One more reason to quit alcohol consumption and smoking is that it will make you fat and over show your belly.

Long gaps of food skip – Oh yes. If you think that skipping meal will bring down the over stocked weight then you are completely mistaken. Skipping meal adversely affects the metabolism and increases the fat.

Improper lifestyle – If your lifestyle is not disciplined then there are high chances that you will suffer from overweight issue. Fast food consumption, irregular eating time, lazy activities, careless attitude will take you to obesity.

Lack of sleep – The main factor for to keep your mind and body active is proper sleep. Take proper and timely sleep and see the unwanted things go away.

Pregnancy – The issue from which most women suffer. Pregnancy brings overweight and it is necessary but excess weight affects the health negatively.

Age – With age comes knowledge and maturity but it also brings excess weight.

Disadvantages of being fat: Why it is so necessary to burn the extra fat ??Disadvantages-of-being-fat

If you think that it is only your appearance that is affected due to extra kilos then my friend, you should read this carefully. The overweight is a bad sign of your body functionality and brings many serious issues with it.

Diabetes – The high blood sugar and unbalanced metabolic rate gives way to diabetes, which is one of most problematic diseases to live with.

High Blood pressure – An overweight person generally suffers from high blood pressure issue which means you cannot run fast, you can`t do excess work, you can`t live active life.

Sexual dysfunction – The very serious issue of sexual dysfunction can come in your life if you suffer from overweight or obesity. You will surely not want this. Overweight blocks and slows down the blood circulation to the sexual organ and creates major issues.

Heart issues – The fatal issue from which most people suffer. The heart issues like heart attack, blood clotting, slow heart rate, etc are some of the problems.

Asthma and breath shortness – Another major problem that obesity brings is shortness of breath and even the asthma as the air valves get narrowed due to fat and related elements.

Body inactivity/ Poor life quality – You fail to enjoy the life at its maximum be it dance, travel, play or any other activity. You always find yourself standing on the edge or getting tired too early.

Weak eyes sight – The weak eye sight is the case from which most overweight person suffer.

Stone problem – It is also seen that an obese person also becomes the victim of stone issue. It happens because body starts absorbing such elements in much greater quantity than required which forms the stone in body.

Depression and mental confliction – The reports of psychiatrists suggest that overweight person suffer from mental and emotional dis-balance more because they don’t live contained with their appearance and personality.

Poor body appearance – An overweight person cannot try every dress and does not look good in most situations.

This big list of disadvantages is not provided to discourage you rather it is to wake you up that the overweight is not only overweight. It is to encourage and inspire you to leave the laziness and careless attitude and make serious efforts to get rid of the overweight issue.

So far as the treatment is concerned, yes you can get the perfect figure and fitness if you follow the proper and disciplined path. Slowly it becomes you habit to stay fit.

Top-most Ayurvedic herbs that are found to be highly beneficial in weight loss-

When we talk about Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, it is of foremost importance to present the list of all those herbs which a person can avail from the market and use to get the help in the weight loss process. The body needs the help of supplements and necessary elements when a swift body change is made in appearance or capacity. Here is the list of all those herbs which are directly or indirectly helpful in curbing the excess fat of the body and in removing the negative effects of overweight.

Ginger – Ginger is a great herb to use in your daily life to help lose weight. It works to better the metabolic functionality, stimulates oxidation of fatty acids and lowers blood cholesterol levels. Take ginger everyday with an empty stomach to lose fat.ginger for weight loss

Aloevera – A very popular and widely available ayurvedic treatment for Obesity that works to bring many benefits to the human body. From skin to stomach, the herb has various benefits. It is used from ancient times. The medicine works as a digestive supplement that also stimulates the metabolism and soothes the nerves for better energy management.

Aloe-Vera for weight loss


Licorice – Licorice works in the liver and brings down triglyceride levels. The herb is very good in aiding the weight loss goal.Licorice-For-Weight-Loss

Brahmi – Brahmi works to soothing the nerves and maintains emotional balance. It is helpful for those who eat much in case of emotional disbalance.brahmi for weight loss

Triphala: Triphala is highly beneficial and widely known ayurvedic herb that helps to lose weight. It also helps in blood purification and in bringing the normality in the digestion function.

triphala for weight loss

Some Other Herbs are-

Cyperus rotundus: Cyperus rotundus or Nut grass works like a fat burner. The root of the medicine is used for the purpose.

Kotahla Himbutu: Salacia Reticulata, generally known as Kotahla Himbutu is one of the ayurvedic medicines used to control weight.

Nirmuli (Hygrophila Auriculata) – Generally known as Akash bail, the herb works to remove the abnormality of the stomach functions. It cuts the unnecessary fat and helps in the proper digestion.

Nerunjil (Tribulus Terrestris) : Nerunjil is the beneficiary herb for the removal of kidney stone and in eliminating of fat.

Kadukkai – Haritaki or generally known as Kadukkai is a very famous and highly beneficial ayurvedic herb that works on various aspects of human body. It works on all three doshas and bring them in aligned balance to balance the body functionality. The fat mainly acuumulated due to kaph dosh and the medicine ensures to remove the defect.

Sirukanpeelai – This medicine is beneficial to cure the diabetes in case your fat is due to the issue of diabetes. The medicine has to be taken with an empty stomach for a month daily in the morning for good result.

Seendi (Tinospora Cardifolia) – This ayurvedic herb has various impacts. It elements have anti-oxident effect. It increases and improves immune system for better energy management.

Trikadukam – The herb is good for liver, stomach and pancreas. It works to enhance the capacity and efficiency of these parts.

Guggul – Guggul is a beneficiary medicine for weight loss fast. It stimulates and increases the cholesterol level in the body.

Indian home remedies for weight loss fast:

How can we forget to mention some important India home remedies for weight loss that were a must know thing in our ancient civilization to cure small daily issues. Your grandmother or your mother knows them, and they really work, not quickly but soothingly. So, we also want you to know these things and remember the names so that whenever these things come in front of you, you know the benefits of these items in losing weight and so use them. Because, knowledge is power.Indian Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Let’s Know about them one by one,

  • Honey and Lemon – Mixture of both in one glass light warm water daily at night.
  • Cranberries – An antioxidant and source of vitamin C. Take juice.
  • Cabbage – Prevents sugar from converting into fat.
  • Yoga- No need to throw light upon it. Do yoga every day.
  • Water- Drink lots of water every day and stay away from excess weight.
  • Green Tea – A powerful antioxidant, burns stubborn fat.
  • Tomatoes- One or two tomatoes every day is very good unless you have stone problem.
  • Carrots – Delicious and very powerful vegetable. Increases blood, decreases fat.
  • Peach – Rich in energy, zero in fat,
  • Papaya – Good for digestion, good for energy source, reduces fat. Take in morning with an empty stomach.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Take one tea spoon mixed in one glass water everyday to lose weight.
  • Fennel Seeds – Sip a cup before having meal. It will curb your hunger.
  • Cucumber – Contains water and energy with no fat. A very good fat buster.
  • Bottle Gourd – Douse your hunger for hours, zero fat, lots of energy. Take as liquid or cook as food.

Hashmi Slime XL capsule – A perfect  medicine for weight loss

In case you need a supplement to deal with the issue more professionally and smartly, you can try this ayurvedic formula without any doubt. It is made to help you control all those factors and issues that come up due to overweight and due to which you become overweight. So, basically, it is the all-rounder treatment in ayurvedic methodology to bring you to the smarter side of you in a small amount of time without any rigorous efforts.

Hashmi Slime XL capsule has come up as the standard ayurvedic medicine for weight loss in India. The medicine is the researched and refined, balanced and powerful treatment that controls your weight and makes your body fit. The ideal natural medicine that works to reduce the extra kilos and maintains the body energy levels side by side. We never comment on the worthiness of other medicine due to the fair business policies, but provide some points that one should consider while opting for a treatment.

ayurvedic medicine for weight loss

When it comes to choose a medicine, take into account the following points 

  • Its Manufacturer and its existence in market
  • Method of treatment
  • Experience of the treatment provider
  • Market name and reviews of the medicine and the manufacturer
  • Risks of Side effects
  • Method of work of the medicine in the body
  • Benefits of the medicine
  • The time span of its impact
  • Subject Knowledge, technology used and resources
  • Results of the medicine
  • Price

When you compare any treatment and medicine on these parameters, you will filter yourself, the most trusted and most effective medicine. To make your work easy, we tell you the name of the medicine that qualifies all these parameters with ease and you will find it compelling and leading name in all the treatment methods.

Slime XL –  The genuine weight loss treatment is made by the age old pharmacy – Hashmi pharmacy. Hashmi Pharmacy is the well-known pharmacy for its natural medicines to treat all kind of male – female sexual issues. They are working since 1929. Yes, since 1929, the natural medicines producer is delivering the best and well- researched easy and safe treatments in the form of capsules. Owing to the rich experience, state of the art research lab, deep knowledge of natural method and use of pure natural herbs, the pharmacy has made a place so high in the Medical world that is not easy to reach.

We do not spend much on advertisements to cut the cost of our medicines. It also helps us to stay out of competition. We are driven by the idea of treating maximum number of people possible using the safest and soothing natural method of treatment rather than selling the record number of bottles.

Slime XL weight loss capsule helps you to reduce weight fast, easy and permanently. The medicine eliminates the fat, burns the inactive energy cells to release energy in the body, strengthens the digestion function to reduce the chances of undigested food fat storage, speeds up the metabolism rate for effective usage and management of body sugar and energy.

All these activities result in the effective and balanced weight loss and that too without any lack of energy. The glow on your face and activeness in your body does not fade and you achieve what you desire. When you take this medicine, you don’t have any need to follow dieting charts but we recommend you to do some but we recommend you to do some exercise everyday as it should a habitual part of your daily life. The capsule is made of ayurvedic herbs only. No chemicals or artificial ingredients. It keeps our medicine authentic, safe and near to nature`s blessings.

If you are looking for medicine for weight loss in hindi or in English, natural or ayurvedic, safe or economic, Slime XL capsule is the answer for you. Try it yourself and confirm our words.

For any feedback, query or comment or doubt, you are most welcome to mention here. We love it when our readers try to put their  thoughts into words and make our efforts an awarding activity.

Prescription note – Though all the above mentioned herbs and home remedies provided here are compiled as per the guidelines of Ayurvedic experts after proper research, but we suggest to take a detailed individual checkup and personal doctor advise before using these herbs as the ayurvedic herbs work differently for every individual as per his/her own body capacity and health conditions.

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